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Pairing Access Control Systems with CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Commercial video surveillance on its own is an amazing way to improve the security of your business, but one option for exponentially improving the security of your commercial property is by pairing an access control system with a CCTV video surveillance system. In this blog post, the commercial security experts of Ontario, Canada – the skilled team here at UTS Locksmith, will detail the major benefits of pairing access control systems with video surveillance systems.

Combining Access Control with Video Surveillance

Some of the most popular forms of physical security technology commonly found in commercial settings today are video surveillance and access control – and both of these systems can be combined! This is an awesome tool for improving the security and safety of your property, regardless of its size and scale.

Although access control systems are one of the main ways you can prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your business, the majority of access control systems don’t have visual elements that allow you to confirm the identity of visitors outside of their stated credentials – in real time, or during security audits, especially after a burglary. By integrating the security platforms of an access control system with a video surveillance system, you can improve your security. When integrated, data from these systems is collected and can be monitored and reviewed with a single interface, and can even be viewed on mobile devices. This prevents your team from having to check separate platforms to collect information – all of it will be housed on a single interface!

Benefits of Combining Video Surveillance with Access Control

The benefits of marrying access control systems with video security aren’t simply visual monitoring. Other benefits of this technology combination include general safety, cybersecurity, and a long-term investment in the assets of your property.

Protection of Valuable Assets

Video surveillance systems allow you to monitor access of your property in real-time, and provides the possibility for security personnel to monitor your property on a 24/7 basis. When combined with a cloud-based access control system, security personnel can tackle and address security systems in a much faster and more targeted fashion – up to the second. These systems allow for security personnel to remotely lock or unlock doors, revoke people’s access to certain areas, grant access permission, or even activate alarm systems or implement lockdowns.

Tracking Occupancy and Entry

Occupancy tracking features allow you to monitor what areas of your property get overcrowded- which is a valuable asset in these days of Covid-19, greatly assisting with social distancing. Eventually, the ability to track occupancy and get an idea of traffic flow helps you make better management decisions as to the physical amenities and appointment timing of your business.

Security Audits and Compliance

Integrating a video surveillance system with access control systems allow you to create audit logs of entrances and exits in your business – and easily view or even export these logs. These logs aren’t just written – but come with image snapshots of activity – which can assist in managing employee compliance, as well as providing a major boon to any sort of criminal investigation if you do experience shady proceedings at your commercial property.

Cybersecurity Benefits

While commercial access control systems and video surveillance systems – on their own, or combined – assist in the implementation of physical security measurements, they also provide major benefits to cybersecurity. When managed through quality software, these systems encrypt your data, and allow for cloud management – which in turn, provides the benefit of flexible and mobile security management, at a distance, no matter your location – helping you manage your business with more of a laser-focused eye on security and compliance.


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