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UTS Group, namely Unique Technology Solutions, provides integrated and advanced security services to your business. We take care of your security from start to finish – that’s why we supply, install, build and integrate as services. Be it the establishment of access control systems or the installation of commercial automatic doors, intercoms or locksmiths; you’d get tailor-made solutions from the best security systems company in Canada. Our team consists of ADA-certified and skillful technicians, who would assist from installation to training. Whether you’re in the multi-residential, finance or retail industries, we provide professional advice and post-sales services that best fit your business needs. With our unrivaled experiences of over 10 years, we have received a 100% satisfaction rate. Secure your business with us!

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“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.”
By Jodi Rell,
the former governor of Connecticut

Vision & mission

Safety and Security are the core values of UTS Group.  The rising crime rates and security issues have become one of the biggest business challenges. As the leader of security systems and suppliers in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, we are motivated to close the loopholes by introducing innovative and efficient security solutions. With constant modification and optimization of our integrated security services, you don’t need to worry anymore. We ensure to deliver advanced protection and upgrade your commercial security systems to create a safer business environment in Canada. Your safety and security, our vision and mission.

Products We Offer

UTS Group provides security solution that uniquely handles installation, maintenance, supply, integration, and customization. We specialize in major security system solutions with advance technology across Ontario. 

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Best Security Solutions Across Canada

UTS Group is unique for its security consultation, installations and designing services in different locations. We are one of the leading all inclusive security services company in Canada. We take pride in being available with our services in provinces like Ontario, British Columbia & Montreal .

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Commercial and Multi-Residential property owners can have a unique and highly advanced security systems as per their need, Select from the best and leading access control systems, automatic doors, key fob, intercoms, surveillance cameras and much more to keep your properties safe and secure.

Our Industries

Every industry is unique and special in its requirement for security and safety systems. Drive your business forward with a comprehensive, integrated security system. Have a look at the industries we cater to.

Services We Offer

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Our professional and expert technicians ensure the process of installation of security systems is simple and secure.

Install and Build

Customize security systems solutions based on the architectural layout of a project.  

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We take pride in supplying our products across Canada. No matter which location in Canada you reside, we can supply the best security systems.


To understand how would one make a specific industry more secure, we provide consultations in security solutions. 

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