Electronic Strike Locks Installation, Repair And Maintenance Services in Toronto

UTS Group provides Electronic strike locks installation, repair and maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. An electric strike is a device used to control access in or out of certain doors. Electric strike locks are cost-efficient. An electric strike helps to control and monitor who has entered or exited your house or office. Electronic commercial door locks also reduce the danger of break-ins and other security problems.

An electric door strike does not need to secure a door with a key, card, pass or anything else. Electronic strike locks are available in various designs. Sometimes a buzzer system is also installed along with electric strike installation to signal the unlocking of the door.

Electric door locks provide an extra level of security. We offer the top-rated locksmith services in Toronto. Before making a choice, you have to consider the types of electric strike locks.

Find The Electric Strike Locks That Meet Your Requirements:

Fail-safe locks

Fail-safe locks do not work when there is no electricity. It means if the power is off, the door will unlock. They are very safe when there is fire or related events.

Fail-secure Locks

Fail-secure locks can work even when an electric current is absent. An electronic strike lock is useful where things need to be secured. It also restricts the access of unwanted people.

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