Turnstile is a gate that functions as a type of access control system and a security portal

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Security Turnstiles are the best option for securing entrances that require specific credentials to gain access to. Turnstiles are in high demand for commercial buildings in today’s market as they have proved to be very efficient and convenient in professional workspaces. At UTS Group, we can help determine what type of turnstile is best suited for your building.

Boon Edam Turnlock Full Height Turnstiles

Hayward Secure Turn Full Height Turnstiles

Controlled Access HS400 Full Height Turnstiles

Controlled Access Full Height Turnstiles in Aluminium with Lexan

Boon Edam Tripod Turnstiles

Alvarado EDM Series Bi-directional Access Control Turnstile

Alvarado EDC Series Electro-Mechanical Bi-directional Turnstile

Horton Automatic SentryLane Optical Turnstile Systems

Controlled Access Executive Series Barrier Optical Turnstile

Controlled Access Clearpass Barrier Optical Turnstile

Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Optical Turnstiles (Slide, Swing, Open, Boost)

why choose security turnstiles as an access control system?

A turnstile is a gate that functions as another type of access control system. Turnstiles are a great way to ensure there is control over who enters a facility or venue. Not only can turnstiles be used for access control, but also traffic control to direct a flow of people in a certain direction. Turnstiles can often be found at subway stations, sports stadiums, or other public buildings. There are also portable turnstiles that can be used at smaller events like carnivals and exhibitions.


  • Turnstiles with arms
  • Clear Turnstile
  • Optical Turnstile
  • Crowd Control
  • Turnstiles with Gates
  • Turnstiles Protectors
  • Tandem Turnstile
  • Fast Turn Waist High Turnstile

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Turnstiles only allow authorized people to pass through them, whether that authorization is some sort of access card or ticket, etc. This automatically will increase your security as people without that authorization will not be able to pass through. Turnstiles which are full height turnstiles also can also enhance your security.


If your building or some area of your building does require credentials to gain access to, then instead of employing someone to manually check these credentials before allowing access, installing a security turnstile will speed up that process and make it more efficient.


Since you no longer will need to hire staff to keep check at these entrances, you will save salary costs. Turnstiles are fully automated and require no one to run them.


Turnstiles can also help you keep track of how many visitors are entering your building, and when they are entering. This information is a great way to keep track of the building’s traffic.

Security Turnstiles are the answer for your building if you are looking to make authorized access more efficient. At UTS Group, we supply, install, and maintain products related to Security Turnstiles for various industries. The quality of our services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario.

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