Security Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare Industry

We maintain the highest standards of security for the healthcare industry.

Do we need automated security systems for Hospitals & Healthcare Industry?

Clinics, therapy centers and hospitals are the keys to maintaining the quality of life in Canada.  Healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and pharmacists need a safe and peaceful work environment to take care of patients. Therefore, it is important to ensure the integrity and security of medical facilities. 

At UTS Group we install and supply custom-made security systems according to the proportions and needs of healthcare establishments. Whether it’s a hospital, clinic, or a community healthcare center, we provide the best automated and advanced security solutions that can be integrated into all healthcare workplaces in Canada. Security systems like access controls, automatic doors, intercoms, and key fobs can protect medicine storage and medical equipment. Healthcare workers can provide extraordinary care to patients. 

hospitals and healthcare security solutions

Our expertise in security solutions specifically for healthcare clinics and hospital premises has made us the top-tier security systems company in Ontario, Quebec, and Vancouver. Our team is known for skilled and certified technicians with experience, especially in the healthcare clinic and hospital industries. We take pride in giving consultations that best fit your need and budget.

Effective Urgent Assistance

We install and supply emergency buttons that can provide urgent assistance to patients when they are in need.

Access with permission

There are a lot of harmful chemicals and restricted meditation that should be prohibited from visitors and patients. That is where access control systems come as a boon to make sure no one trespasses without permission.

Control the Spread of Viruses

Having touch-free facilities like keys and wave buttons can avoid the spread of germs from touch surfaces of doors, panels and more.

Benefits of having advanced solutions in Hospitals & Healthcare Industry

Security systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities are critical and unavoidable. Here are the top 3 benefits:

Products Needed For Security At Commercial & Retail Stores

Security systems act as an asset for every property in healthcare services like clinics, hospitals, diagnostics, drugstores, etc., across Canada.

We specialize in major security system solutions with advanced technology across Ontario.

Integrate and Control who gets access to the restricted areas with our advanced access control options

A universal washroom is an enclosed space with a barrier free toilet and sink.

We provide all the necessary resources for the best locksmith services for your business or residential buildings. 

We supply and install AODA compliant automatic doors with many options to choose from, including touchless solutions for high traffic areas.

Surveillance Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property when you are not around. Whether it be commercial, industrial, or private property.

Get your cash and valuables secured automatically from one of the best fireproof safe and vaults installers and suppliers in Ontario, UTS Group.

Intercom systems help in transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions to help you know better, who you’re granting access to into your property.

We install a variety of adhesive security window films like frosted window film, opaque window film, privacy window film, and many more.

Install Barrier gates that offers touchless entry and exit, specifically for human traffic

Areas we cover

Commercial and government property can have highly advanced security systems, access control systems, automatic doors, key fobs, intercoms, surveillance cameras, and much more to keep their properties safe and secure.

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Best Security Solutions Across Canada

UTS Group is unique for its security consultation, installations and designing services in different locations. We are one of the leading all inclusive security services company in Canada. We take pride in being available with our services in provinces like Ontario, British Columbia & Montreal .

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Ensure security compliance in Hospitals & Healthcare Industry with our advanced security technology

When it comes to hospital & healthcare industry, it is important to have consistent surveillance to ensure there is no crime in your premises, or any thefts occurring. UTS Group specializes in installing, supplying and maintaining security all over Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec in Canada. We are an advanced security company with proven quality services for over 10 years. Our certified experts are ready to assist you 24/7, give us a call today!

Settle For Nothing But The Best Security Installation Company for Military & Police Base

Why uTS?

Being a security service provider with more than 1000 five-star reviews, we strive to be the best advance and integrated security system installation company in Canada

Certified Professional Technicians

Receive the best installation only professional technicians who are authorized and certified to use the correct method of installation.

Service Across Canada

Get the security systems installed at your location, as we provide services across Canada. Avail services not only in Ontario, British Columbia, Montreal but also in other parts of Canada. 

All Inclusive Quotation

We strive for excellence when providing solutions to our clients’. Hence, we strongly adheres to all inclusive quotes to give clarity to the client at first go.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every client is valuable. We ensure easiest and hassle feel procedure for all our clients and customers. Hence we are ranked #1 in Customer satisfaction as per google reviews.

Brands We Offer

UTS Group is proudly associated with the world-renowned brands

Our customizable and unique solution for supplying, maintenance, installation, repair, consultation has only gone beyond perfection.

Our Services

We have a group of highly skilled security experts who specialize in the installation and maintenance the security systems in any industry across Canada. We take pride in giving consultation by understanding company needs and offering a personalised security solution created for your unique requirements and budget. Our services include installing, supplying, warranties, consultations, maintenance, tech support and many more. Let us know your need and we shall ensure the best security systems for you!

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Our professional and expert technicians ensure the process of installation of security systems is simple and secure.

Install and Build

Design & Build

Customize security systems solutions based on the architectural layout of a project.  

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We take pride in supplying our products across Canada. No matter which location in Canada you reside, we can supply the best security systems



To understand how would one make a specific industry more secure, we provide consultations in security solutions. 

Our Clients

In our decade of experience, we have been associated with more than 1000s of valuable customers. The love and respect that we have received in these years have made us the top 5 security providers in Ontario. Thus, ensuring the superior secured environment for every commercial, warehouses, construction sites, multi residential, office and many other industry.

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We are certified in providing security services. As a security company, we understand the need to comply with safety and reduce the risks that are involved.

Since a decade Unique Technology Solution is rated amongst the top 10 advanced security systems and solutions providers in canada.
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