6 Things That Make UTS Group Different from Other Security Companies

What are the first few things that come to your mind when you think of a security company? We won’t be surprised if you said, “that sounds like serious business!” or “they must be too technical” or even, “I have trust issues with them”.

Well, not all of these are myths after all. UTS Group however has a different take on this industry. Yes, we do take pride in our technical knowledge and take our work very seriously. But what’s a service company without the ability to connect with its clients. UTS Group was established with an aim to revolutionize the advanced security industry and the way it’s looked at, by taking the gaps in the market and filling them with excellence, empathy, and trust.

And after being in business and thriving for over a decade now, we stand out in the market for more reasons than one.


The MOST common assumption that we observed amongst our client base was that one single company doesn’t provide all different kinds of advanced security solutions. Myth busted! At UTS Group, we offer innovative and latest products and services related to automatic doors, security cameras, access control, intercom systems, security turnstiles, security portals, security software and even locksmith!

YOU are just a call away from your one stop solution for all your security needs. Cherry on top? We’d say cherries and we’d say keep reading.


It’s common in security companies to have only a handful of people doing everything, from a technician’s job to customer support. UTS Group has teams of professionals who specialise in the various aspects our business needs. From technical support, to customer support, from accounts to marketing, we do it all in-house. We don’t expect one person to know it all! In fact, we grow by leveraging individual strengths, hence making your experience a seamless one.


Advanced security is a very technical field and we are the industry experts in the field. Having said that, our services would only make sense when we understand the needs of our clients and have the knowledge to give them what they need. The wide curation of products and services that we offer are a result of our continuous effort to understand what you need and how we can help. We learn with and for our clients and then help them fully understand the products and services they are opting for.


Recent history has it that technology is the MOST rapidly growing and evolving thing in the whole wide world. And it also happens to be the very core of the advanced security industry. We collaborate with brands across the globe, to bring to you the latest and best technologies. We keenly observe the changes in the needs of our potential customers and think ahead to provide you the best technology available at any given time.


Every client is unique and so are their needs. Unlike other market players, we do not provide you with pre-drafted, pre-defined quotes. That’s not even fair! We offer exclusive quotes for every client based on their needs and budget combined. We further tailor it with discounts and other add-ons to provide you with the best value for your money. Our quotes are all inclusive and you’ll never be surprised with a hidden charge later.


Making decisions related to your business’s security is no small deal. You need to trust your service providers and that’s exactly what we bring to the table. You tell us your business needs, we tell you the products that will best match your needs. We proudly claim to have a deep knowledge of the industry and work with passion. We work for the satisfaction of it and not just profit. Head-counting the businesses across Ontario that have availed and are happy with services is just a hobby that we share within our team.

When we say wholesome services, we mean it! We don’t just supply and install, but also train and maintain. Our customer service begins from the moment you give us a call and continues even after we have completed the job. We want you to feel happy about the choice you made and come back to us for anything else that you need. For us, customer relationship and quality of services is above everything.

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