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We provide all the necessary resources for the best automatic doors for your business or residential buildings. We have a range of options ranging from sliding doors, to revolving ones. We also provide touchless and illuminated button options, based on your requirement

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handicap accessible

We supply, install and maintain AODA complying products facilitating easy access for the disabled and elderly.

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Integrated Solution

Keep all your security assets integrated with our solutions. With our system, it is easy to integrate the different advanced security elements in your building.

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touchless options

Keeping up with the changing needs, we provide touchless door opening solutions to keep you safe.

Automated Sliding doors have now become an industry standard. Our high-quality self-regulating sliding door panel gliding smoothly past the other door panel leaves a lasting impression on the visitors. Aesthetically pleasing glass doors give your entrance a magnificent finish.

If you have moderate space available in your business premises, then the swing doors can be a perfect addition. You can opt for sensor activated or push button option to match your needs further.

Folding doors fold open instead of swinging open like the normal ones do. This is one of the reasons which make these types of doors ideal as they can be easily used in the areas of limited space or where you need to use the space right beside the door.

Balanced sliding doors are easy and quick to open, so that, you can have a convenient entry without struggling against the heavy-weight doors. Even the mechanism and construction of these automatic doors are heavy as compared to others, which further improve security without compromising accessibility.

Telescopic doors are engineered and installed as single, two or four sliding models. Based on the sophisticated microprocessor technology, these doors can serve your space for years to come. Added to this, they are smooth, reliable and convenient in its operation.


From the first contact, our team of experts understands the need for our clients to present the best project. We adapt to the reality of our clients and present integrated security solutions, including automatic doors. After the first contact, we visit the site and present a partnership proposal. In addition to the installation, we also carry out maintenance and repairs. We are ready to serve you 24/7.


These are the modern day alternatives to the classic push to open buttons. It’s a touchless solution for opening doors with just a wave of hands. It has a strong infrared sensor and adjustable range for different requirements.

Push Button door opener provides ease and comfort to the disabled, the elderly and the children. This is also very convenient for those who have an infant in the arms or have their hands full with bags. This is the best solution to avoid opening the heavy manual doors.

The automatic door opener is a device that helps to open the door, pause and close it automatically. Automatic door openers can be installed on the existing doors to automate their operations.

Low Energy doors are especially effective for slow-moving areas like places meant for wheelchairs, the disabled and the elderly people. They are usually smaller in size, less visible, and are easier to install. They can be installed in an existing door frame without the need for extensive modifications.

Automatic door openers and closers make it possible for an automatic door to open and close with a remote control or the push of a button.

One stop solution

One Stop Solution

We provide all security services so it will be easier to manage all your security assets and it will be time and money cost saving.

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24 /7

Our customer service works 24/7 for all types of emergency care. No matter what type of emergency, we will be there.

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team of experts

All of our employees have years of experience and training. Our priority is your satisfaction and the quality of our products and services.

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We are Certified

Our company has all the necessary certifications for installation, maintenance, and repairs in access control products and services.

We have cutting-edge design solutions for your home including sliding room dividers, closet doors and single swing doors. We can customize the design with your specific choice of finishes and glass types along with your security needs. Our residential automatic doors are extremely durable and long lasting.

It is an enclosed washroom with a toilet, sink and turning space to accommodate a wheeled mobility device. They can be accessed using a push-button, illuminated push button or tape switch, that makes it easy to enter and exit for everyone.

We install a variety of handicap doors such as handicap swing, handicap sliding doors, handicap revolving doors, handicap ICU doors, handicap telescope doors, handicap residential doors, apartment handicap doors and handicap washroom doors with different shapes, finishes and designs.

Critical ICU environment needs safe and versatile ICU doors, which offers flexible access and easy visibility. This is why we supply & install innovative and feature-rich ICU doors. With superior performance and advanced technology, these latest generation doors are ideally suited for hospitals and other healthcare industries. 

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