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UTS Group is the eminent provider of commercial and institutional door hardware in Ontario. From panic and crash bars, to deadbolts, knobs, levers, and door closers, UTS Group can install every piece of access and security hardware necessary for the practical operation and security protocol of your commercial property. Our skilled technicians guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our hardware supply service, with our team taking the entire installation process from start to finish.

Panic Bars / Crash Bars Products

Panic bars are one of the most important exit devices for commercial locations. They automatically unlock doors that open up to building exteriors, allowing for instant and fast egress in emergency situations. Panic bars are required to be installed according to commercial building codes and fire department stipulations for most public buildings in order for them to pass inspection. UTS Group provides varieties of panic bars for single or double door installation, including:

Electrified Panic Bars

Electrified Panic Bars

Alarmed Panic Bars

Alarmed Panic Bars

Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bras

Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bars

Mortise Exit Device Panic Bars

Mortise Exit Device Panic Bars

Surface Vertical Rod Panic Bars

Surface Vertical Rod Panic Bars

Rim Exit Device Panic Bars

Rim Exit Device Panic Bars

Door Closers

Door closers are mechanical devices that automatically closes doors after it was manually or automatically opened. They are a serious requirement for every type of fire-rated door, since these types of doors need to remain shut in order to prevent the spread of flames or smoke. Door closers contain mechanisms of internal springs, cylinders – combined with hydraulic oil and unique valves that can help customize the speed which the door latches and closes. UTS Group sells door closers for steel, wood, and aluminium regular and fire-rated doors in varieties including:

Parallel Arm Mounts 300x300 1

Parallel Arm Mounts

Regular Arm Mounts 300x300 1

Replacement Door Closers

Extra Heavy Door Closers 300x300 1

Extra Heavy Door Closers

Standard Duty Door Closers 300x300 1

Standard Duty Door Closers

Medium Duty Door Closers 300x300 1

Medium Duty Door Closers

Heavy Duty Door Closers 300x300 1

Heavy Duty Door Closers

Regular Arm Mounts 300x300 1

Custom Door Closer Finishes

Exit Devices

Exit Devices, which include but include broader categories than traditional panic and crash bars, help to secure doors with the possibility of easy exit in compliance with fire and exit safety codes. UTS Group provides a broad variety of exit devices which are available in the usual mortise, rim, concealed, or surface mounted rod styles in versions that are both panic and fire rated including:

Vertical Rod Exit Devices 300x300 1

Vertical Rod Exit Devices

Switch Bar Exit Devices 300x300 1

Switch Bar Exit Devices

Rim Exit Devices 300x300 1

Rim Exit Devices

Mortise Exit Devices 300x300 1

Mortise Exit Devices

Fire Exit Devices 300x300 1

Fire Exit Devices

Exit Trims 300x300 1

Exit Trims

Exit Device Parts 300x300 1

Exit Device Parts

Alarmed Exit Devices 300x300 1

Alarmed Exit Devices

Electric Exit Devices

Exit Device Parts


Group provides deadbolt locks including:

Single Cylinder Deadbolts 300x300 1

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

Double Cylinder Deadbolts 300x300 1

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Keyless Deadbolts 300x300 1

Keyless Deadbolts

Rim Deadbolts 300x300 1

Rim Deadbolts

Vertical Deadbolts 300x300 1

Vertical Deadbolts

Mortise Deadbolts 300x300 1

Mortise Deadbolts

Electronic Deadbolts 300x300 1

Electronic Deadbolts


Levers are a straightforward piece of door hardware; being an elongated piece of metallic hardware that allows for a door to be opened. They are convenient for handicapped users, and are available in a wide variety of lengths and sizes, making them a fantastic CDA compliant door entry option. A Door levers can installed in ways that deactivate a door’s lock, or for the simple allowance for the opening of a door for passage or privacy. UTS Group provides door levers of different types including:

Entry Door Levers 300x300 2

Keyed Entrance Door Levers

Privacy Door Lever 300x300 1

Privacy Door Levers

Passage Door Lever 300x300 1

Passage Door Levers

Dummy Door Lever 300x300 1

Dummy Knob Door Levers

Fire Exit Devices 300x300 1

Fire Exit Devices


Door knobs are circular pieces of hardware that allow for the opening of doors. Doorknobs are available in keyed and non-keyed varieties, in many different types of colours, materials, and finishes. UTS Group provides our clients with:

Dummy Door Knobs 300x300 1

Dummy Door Knobs

Passage Door Knob 300x300 2

Passage Door Knobs

Keyed Entry Door Knob 300x300 1

Keyed Entry Door Knobs

Privacy Door Knob 300x300 1

Privacy Door Knobs

Classic Style Door Knobs 300x300 1

Classic Style Door Knobs

Antique Style Door Knobs 300x300 1

Antique Style Door Knobs

Modern Style Door Knobs 300x300 1

Modern Style Door Knobs

Rustic Style Door Knobs 300x300 1

Rustic Style Door Knobs

Industries we serve Automated Security

Every industry is unique and special in its requirement for security and safety systems. Secure and enhance your business with a comprehensive, integrated automated security system. Here are the industries we serve to.

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As a leading provider of security solutions in Canada, we offer a wide range of security systems. We understand the need of reliable and trusted name in security. Hence, we install and supply only trusted brands to ensure that your commercial property is always protected. Being in this industry for decades, our team has expertise and is fully licensed to provide top-notch services. Our belief and trust with our clients’ has secured us No #1 security system providers in Canada. Find our services in these locations

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