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Access Control

Control & manage the access & entries to your business, commercial or residential premises.

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Security Turnstile

Opt for this easy to control security portal in different varieties to best manage access to your premises. 

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Install automatic doors at the entrance or on the insides of your business or commercial building.

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Install Smart Locks, Magnetic and Master Key system or obtain locksmith maintenance services.

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Protect your premises from potential break-ins with our advanced security camera systems.

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Accessible Doors

Handicap Accessible Doors provide efficient and convenient access to disabled persons.

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Manage your visitors better by controlling access to your premises with seamless communication.

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CCTV Camera

With our CCTV Camera system you will increase security of your premises, keep records & more.

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Who We Are

UTS Group is a team of professionals who supply, install, repair and maintain  automatic doors, access control systems, security cameras, intercom systems, security turnstiles and also provide locksmith services. We believe in quality work and always emphasize on providing our customers with durable products and world class service. We have skilled, dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable technicians who make your experience with us a seamless and memorable one. Customers are our first priority and their satisfaction is our goal. 

We cater to all kinds of commercial business owners and property managers. We understand that you care for your business and staff and so do we. We provide flexible options to meet your business needs. We also provide emergency services for automatic doors installations, especially the repairs and maintenance work so that your business and office operations do not stop for any reason. We use branded, high-quality equipment which is tried and tested for durability. We value you and your work.

We are just a call away.

Industries we Serve

See here how UTS Group can help solve all your security priorities such as access control, automatic doors, security cameras, and other specific services for each type of industry.

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  • Highly reccomend UTS Group.

    kevin alves Avatar
    kevin alves

    Thank you UTS. Graet service very professional techs. Very recommended.

    Andy Ford Avatar
    Andy Ford

    UTS Group provides professional service!

    Semiao Joao Avatar
    Semiao Joao
  • Had a great experience with UTS. They are honest, professional and reliable! Highly recommended!!

    Moshe Schwartz Avatar
    Moshe Schwartz

    Great service! Especially thanks to Andre, called me back in 20 minutes and provided me with the care that I needed.5/5

    Ankri Asaf Avatar
    Ankri Asaf

    Andre and his team provide top notch service each and every time. Highly recommended!

    Chris O Avatar
    Chris O
  • Thanks Anthony ! Great service!

    Brittany Phillips Avatar
    Brittany Phillips

    Never dealt with a company so professional like UTS GROUP!!!!

    Fatima Pinheiro Avatar
    Fatima Pinheiro

    Professional know the job grate service highli recommends

    Ofer Cohen Avatar
    Ofer Cohen
  • Fast, Prompt and very professional. Won't be the last time I use these guys!! Thanks!!

    Rob Gardiner Avatar
    Rob Gardiner

    Amazing service from the minute I call, than technician.Everyone was polite and super nice.

    Kimberly Dias Avatar
    Kimberly Dias

    #1 in service.

    Ana Oliveira Avatar
    Ana Oliveira
  • Very good, quick and efficient service! I have been using them for many years and they never disappoint me.

    Roman O Avatar
    Roman O

    Anthony was great

    Elizabeth Richardson Avatar
    Elizabeth Richardson

    So happy with the service Uts Group provided!

    Bella Sousa Avatar
    Bella Sousa
  • Great customer service, great job on the washroom in my store..would be using these guys again

    Adrian Buffin Avatar
    Adrian Buffin

    Highly Recommend UTS Group.

    Manuel Alves Avatar
    Manuel Alves

    Great service! Especially thanks to Andre, called me back in 20 minutes and provided me with the care that I needed.5/5

    Rise Res Avatar
    Rise Res
  • Great service

    Arthur Alves Avatar
    Arthur Alves

    Amazing service ! Office staff is so professional!

    Abel Sousa Avatar
    Abel Sousa

    Thank you so much UTS GROUP for an amazing service HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    Yaniv Kalderon Avatar
    Yaniv Kalderon
  • Had a great experience with UTS. They are honest, professional and reliable! Highly recommended!!

    Moshe Schwartz Avatar
    Moshe Schwartz

    It was a pleasure to work with UTS, they were very informative, I highly recommend exploring the services they offer.

    Camilo Pinheiro Avatar
    Camilo Pinheiro

    Happy with service uts group delivered!

    Joao Pinto Avatar
    Joao Pinto
  • Spoke to Kimberly, she was great! Awesome service.

    Maria Fatima R.Morais Avatar
    Maria Fatima R.Morais

    Technicians are very good. Quick and friendly. Answered any questions and concerns i had. Highly recommend!

    Jake Chan Avatar
    Jake Chan

    By the far the best service. Would definitely recommend!

    Alexander Alves Avatar
    Alexander Alves

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