ButterflyMX Smart Intercoms Offered By UTS group

UTS Group supplies, installs, repairs, and maintains products and services for advanced security and locksmith jobs. ButterflyMx is one of the brands we offer, including ButterflyMx Smart Intercoms. These smart video intercoms are available in 7- and 11.6- inch surface or recessed versions. The elegant touchscreen design of each intercom is intuitive while the polycarbonate glass and weatherized casing can withstand even the most extreme conditions.


A familiar touchscreen experience designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Video Calling
See who is trying to enter the premises before letting them in

Virtual Keys
Send your visitor a QR code that they can scan to gain access to the property

Resident Directory
Search by name, unit number, or simply scrolling. It would never have been easier for your visitors

Access Pins
Enter a 6-digit pin to get into the property when you’ve left your phone or keys behind.


11.6″ Recessed
15.3″ X 5″ X 2″

7″ Surface
7.5″ X 12.4″ X 2″

7″ Recessed
9.6″ X 16.3″ X 2″

11.6″ Surface
13″ X 11.7″ X 2″


GeneralIP65 rated for dust, water, and chemical resistance
Bluetooth connectivity
Min/max temperature: -30ºC / -22ºF to +60 ºC / +140 ºF
Infrared proximity sensors for motion detection
Two USB 3 ports
One DisplayPort
One Serial port
EntryFour dry contact relays with adjustable timings
26-bit Wiegand format card reader
Wiegand output terminals for connecting internal card reader to access control system
PowerStandard power socket: NEMA 5-15
Panel input voltage: 24VDC
Standard power consumption: 31W at 24VDC input
Maximum power consumption: 65W at 24VDC input
Relay max switching current: 5A, relay max
Switching power: 1250W
Coordinate dedicated electrical circuit on UPS (power conditioned)
VideoAdaptive bitrate for up to 1080p HD video transfer
90° field of view
Adjustable pan, tilt, and zoom
TouchscreenAntiglare polycarbonate display
Capacitive 10-point multitouch
Auto-adjusting LED with up to 1000 Nits of brightness
Vandal-resistant (tested to withstand 225g drop ball test from 1.6 meters)
Resolution for 7″ models: 1024 x 600
Resolution for 11.6″ models: 1920 x 1080
NetworkDual gigabit ethernet ports
IP assigned by DHCP (Static IP assignment available)
Wireless capabilities


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