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The Fob Revolution

Coin-sized fobs have brought rudimental keys to their demise.
A fast-paced world demands innovative technologies; key fobs are just that.
They are practical, they are durable, and they are readily available.
Think about your building’s gate, your garage’s gate, your car door, your gym locker, and your office door. What do they all have in common? I’m telling you: key fobs have taken over!
If you are one of those sentimentalists stuck in your old ways, let us change your mind by introducing you to our key fob systems for access control solutions. We guarantee that it is going to change your life.

So, what is a key fob system, and how does it work?

key fob system, also referred to as RFID, is a Radio Frequency Identification Device composed of a smart key – the fob – and its reader. It is a wireless system that relies on the reader’s battery power to function.
The fob comes with a built-in tag encoded with your digital data, which is in the form of an assigned frequency, and grants you hassle-free access upon a successful identification process.

What does the key fob do?

The fob exchanges data with the reader through electromagnetic waves. It is the reader’s job to search for the fob constantly. Once the reader authenticates said data, the automatic door opens or unlocks electronically.
The fob is a small token that you can easily carry around. It ideally functions in its reader’s vicinity, which is usually at a 10ft detection range. Yet, some fobs are designed to work up to a 60ft detection range and require a larger reader with a powerful transmitter.
Access a single door or a set of doors with one fob only and forget all about confusing keychains.

Can key fobs be tracked?

Yes, you can track the fob’s activity through recorded entries on the key fob system since all fobs are controlled from one centralized location.
No, you cannot track a lost fob unless you have proactively prepared for such an unfortunate event by attaching a key tracker to your fob. But you need not be worried; fobs are hardly duplicated. Their economical prices make them easily replaceable.

Are fobs better than keys?

Yes, fobs are better than mechanical keys. They are highly secure and their extensive use is enough proof of their reliability.
Here’s why fobs are in high demand:

  • You can deactivate a lost fob through the system and deny access to its holder
  • You can give temporary permissions for your visitors
  • You can provide access to your employees during working hours only
  • You can reuse a fob by reprogramming it with a different ID

Whether for commercial or residential use, a fob system allows you to create customized access based on job titles or simply in case of shared amenities in communal residential buildings.
Our experts at UTS Group can help you choose the best-suited fob system for your commercial and residential premises. We install integrated access control systems at competitive prices.

Can I use my phone as a key fob?

We carry our phones with us everywhere we go and might as well benefit from expanding their functionality.
Every fob comes with a built-in RFID tag. Therefore, it is possible to transfer its data onto an adhesive RFID tag and stick it on your phone.
Less commonly, some smartphones have the ability to operate on a low-frequency range. By downloading specific apps, the smartphone can effectively communicate with the fob reader and grant you access.
This method can help decrease cost and is especially beneficial for large-scale businesses.

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