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Innovations That Are Redefining Access Control

Security is an industry that keeps evolving and bringing new innovations into the picture. It doesn’t seem too far back when every corporate or MNC used to hand out encrypted identity cards to its employees as an access pass. They practically reduced the need for physical security or actual keys. If that were to be called the first-generation innovation, we are definitely at a third right now!

While innovations in access control responded to the new normal with the touchless solutions, we also witnessed the evolution of the traditional access control with fob keys instead of physical keys and facial or iris recognition instead of fingerprint based biometric access control. Let’s look at a few of the latest technologies that are redefining the world of access control.

1. Mobile Access Control

As of 2020, over 87% Canadians own a smartphone. We carry our worlds in our phones, from contacts, to documents to the books we read. So, it only makes sense to link access control to our smartphones as well. While physical keys are becoming an obsolete method of access control, using your smartphone apps to gain or grant access is an innovation being adapted by many businesses and enterprise.

2. Cloud Based Access Control

Having set controls and centralized security management is always a part of a comprehensive and contemporary security plan. And it’s been made absolutely easy to deploy with the help of cloud-based access control systems. A cloud-based access control system provides centralized management, visual display, and control without the cost and complexity of traditional physical access systems. They don’t just offer offline unlocking capabilities, and advanced lockdown features, but also the ease to add or revoke access.


This is one of the most innovative technologies that have recently emerged in Access Control. It works where a reader is linked with an app that carries a person’s authentication. If that person in possession of the mobile app waves to reader, they gain access to the entry, even when the
Smartphone is in the pocket or purse. Now that’s amazing!

Hands-free Access Control by Openpath

4. Facial Recognition

Aren’t we all used to just staring at our phones to unlock it? The same feature has now made its way to the world of physical access control. Along with being more secure than legacy access control, they are also touchless. It’s literally as secure as your locked phone, all while also adhering to the needs of the new normal.

5. Multi-factor Authentication

Access Control varies with the needs of every organization. While security threats continue to increase and evolve, so does access control. If you possess a critical infrastructure and need extra security than the regular access control systems provide, we recommend a multi-factor authentication system. A person would require authorization of more than one credential to gain access. For instance, a biometric authentication as well as a pin.

We are sure that reading about all these innovations are making you wonder if your existing access control system is enough or you need an upgrade. Well, we could conduct a free security assessment for you. If you’ve already made up your mind on what technology you want, we could provide with a free estimate. Contact our experts and usher in the world of advanced security with the leaders in the Canadian market.


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