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We provide all the necessary resources for the best security cameras for your business or residential buildings. We have a range of products and services to help you keep your space safe and protected from the comfort of your office or home.

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From NVR, DVR, HD, to thermal scanners, we provide a wide range of solutions for your surveillance needs.

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Integrated System

Keep all your security assets integrated with our solutions. With our system, it will be easy to track all the activities in your premise on order to protect it.


Guaranteed Protection

We provide leading modern technology solutions to make your experience seamless. From high quality hardware, to new software for easy accessibility.

An HD analog camera is a special type of analog, or CCTV, security camera that can record surveillance video in 720p high definition (HD). It uses a coaxial cable.


HD-TVI stands for High Definition Transport Video Interface. HD-TVI is a video signal processing and transport technology used to transmit video in HD security cameras and DVRs.


HD-CVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface. This is a new technology in the security camera industry, after CCTV that provides a different method of transmitting video signals over coaxial cables.

IP cameras (also called network cameras, IP CCTV cameras, IP webcams, Internet cameras or IP security cameras) allow you to have access to live or recorded video from your PC, or any other PC connected to your computer network or the Internet.

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is commonly known as video surveillance. “Closed-circuit” means broadcasts are usually transmitted to a limited (closed) number of monitors, unlike “regular” TV, which is broadcast to the public at large.

Security Cameras Installation

From the first contact, our team of experts understands the need for our clients to present the best project. We adapt to the reality of our clients and present integrated security projects. After the first contact, we visit the site and present a partnership proposal. In addition to the installation, we also carry out maintenance and repairs. We are ready to serve you 24/7.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a network attached storage device that connects multiple IP cameras simultaneously & enables footage that is streamed from the connected IP camera(s) to be stored/recorded in digital format on an internal hard disk drive.

A DVR or Digital Video Recorder digitally compresses analogue video feeds and stores them on a hard-drive, the term ‘digital’ referring to the compression and storage technology, not the transmitted video images.


We provide different types of security camera display systems. It’s a combination of the different screens covering the surveillance areas in your premises.  


From display, to smart search to security camera analytics, these software aim help you manage your surveillance system easily and at the ease of your fingertips.

One stop solution

One Stop Solution

We provide all security services so it will be easier to manage all your security assets and it will be time and money cost saving.

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24 /7

Our customer service works 24/7 for all types of emergency care. No matter what type of emergency, we will be there.

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team of experts

All of our employees have years of experience and training. Our priority is your satisfaction and the quality of our products and services.

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We are Certified

Our company has all the necessary certifications for installation, maintenance, and repairs in access control products and services.

thermal cameras

Thermal cameras are the new touchless technology that facilitate no-contact touchless scanning, detect elevated body temperature, all at building entrances. Keep your space space with these.

video surveillance camera system

Collect and see the video footage of your business premises, using the video surveillance camera. They provide the ease of going back to the footage from a particular timeframe, for extra protection.


The long range security cameras help you view into the distance in high resolution. These are suitable for wide premises. They also come with night vision capability for an around the clock surveillance.

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