NVR Security System Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services in Toronto

UTS Group offers secure and reliable NVR security camera Systems installation, repair and maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. It’s very exhausting to choose a proper surveillance system for someone unfamiliar with the industry. We have dedicated and knowledgeable professionals to help you to select the correct surveillance system.

Video surveillance is used everywhere today, from small stores to large enterprises. Modern NVR systems offer you more than security. NVR security is a wonderful device to shield your commercial properties from theft, employees misbehaviour, vandalism and burglary. While there are an array of options available, you might get confused. There are some key features that you can consider for making a choice.

Features of NVR Security System:

  • NVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems
  • Remote Viewing Surveillance Systems
  • Network Video Recorders-NVR
  • PC, Embedded, and Hybrid
  • Security Cameras
  • IP Dome Cameras
  • Multi-location Surveillance
  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance
  • Megapixel cameras (HD+)
  • Remote viewing from pc
  • Remote viewing from mobile devices (phones)
  • Infrared night cameras
  • Network cameras

What Benefits does NVR Security System Keep for You?

Easy Installation:

This is a general misconception that NVR installations are complicated. Manufacturers have made NVR installation as simple as possible. NVR software offers “plug and play ” solution.


NVR system is faster, more reliable and durable than older systems used in the past. Moreover, NVR security system 2018 reduces the maintenance costs.

Image Quality Enhancements :

NVR systems provide better resolution and highly detailed images. As we all know, everything looks better in HD. This also includes your video files.


This is another misconception that NVR deployments are very costly. The prices of NVR camera setup are continuing to drop. It also optimizes the power usage.


The video files are easily manageable with NVR security system. Mobile apps and remote clouds have made the ability to access more convenient.

Expanding Features:

Video surveillance is continuing to develop solutions to cope with more extended retention requirements, increased camera resolution and more.

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