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CCTV Camera

Protect your commercial property from theft, burglary and vandalism

CCTV Camera

Installing CCTV cameras around your commercial building is like providing the building with a shield. CCTV Cameras are vital for proper security of your building as they let you have eyes on your building at all times to ensure that situations like theft, vandalism, break-ins, etc. do not occur behind your back.

Features of CCTV Cameras

  • High resolution
  • Remote viewing from your PC or mobile
  • Night vision
  • Can perform well in low light
  • Motion Sensors
  • Push Notifications for instant alerts
  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • Speakers
  • Wireless options

UTS Group offers the CCTV camera installation, repair and maintenance services in the province of Ontario, Canada. We specialize in both commercial and industrial CCTV Camera Systems to provide you integrated security system solutions.

As there is a vast range of CCTV cameras available, choosing the best one without proper knowledge or expert assistance could be overwhelming. Our experts at UTS Group have got your back. We have experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professionals who can help you in choosing the perfect CCTV system for your property. Let’s walk you through the basics, so that it’s easier for you to get in touch with us and make a good choice.

Why Install CCTV Cameras in and around Your Building?

CCTV Cameras not only help you keep eyes on your building, but provide you with some other noteworthy advantages as well:


CCTV cameras keep an eye on what’s going on at your premises. CCTV Cameras provide you with great real-time surveillance, and multi-location surveillance.

Increase Security

Crimes like theft, vandalism, break-ins can be reduced around your building. This is because often when criminals notice cameras around your building they are afraid to get caught so they do not proceed with their actions.

Keep Records

You can keep track of all the visitors to your building through CCTV cameras. Footage can also be archived for future reference.

Require Little Maintenance

Once installed, CCTV cameras require little to no maintenance. These security systems protect your commercial premises for years without demanding any repair and maintenance services.

Deduct Your Insurance Costs

If you have insurance set in place for your building, installing CCTV cameras around your building can help reduce your premium costs. Contact the insurance provider to check how much money you can save by installing a CCTV camera.

Decrease Chances of Employee Misconduct

When you have CCTV cameras installed your building, employees will be extra careful about how they conduct themselves. When there’s any dispute among employees, a CCTV camera footage helps you to solve these issues. Referring to CCTV Cameras, you can know the truth and settle the matter.

CCTV Security Cameras will not only provide you with excellent surveillance, but benefit your building in various ways! At UTS Group, we supply, install, and maintain products related to CCTV Security Cameras for various industries. The quality of our services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario.

why Security Cameras from UTS Group?
  • Top Security Camera Installers and supplier in Ontario, British Columbia & Quebec
  • Professional Team of Expertise
  • We guarantee satisfaction – Over 10k happy clients
  • Installations and Maintenance across all Industries.  
  • Highly Customizable
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As a leading provider of security solutions in Canada, we offer a wide range of security systems. We understand the need of reliable and trusted name in security. Hence, we install and supply only trusted brands to ensure that your commercial property is always protected. Being in this industry for decades, our team has expertise and is fully licensed to provide top-notch services. Our belief and trust with our clients’ has secured us No #1 security system providers in Canada. Find our services in these locations

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