An enclosed washroom with a toilet, sink and turning space to accommodate a wheeled mobility device.

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By 2025, it is required as per The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) for buildings to have universal washrooms. At UTS Group we believe that making buildings more user-friendly for people with disabilities is a vital change that needs to be made. We supply, install, maintain & repair universal washroom doors to make your building a friendly one.

what are universal wasrooms?

According to the AODA standards, public buildings must have one universal washroom for every three floors, and one for all single storey buildings. A universal washroom is an enclosed space with a barrier free toilet and sink. These washrooms should also have turning space so that a wheeled mobility device may be accommodated. Not only do these universal washrooms aim to  provide ease for people with disabilities, but also provide them with privacy and dignity.

When a person enters the washroom and allows the door to close fully, they can push a button labelled “Push to Lock” which will secure the door from the outside and disengage the outside door operator switch.  To exit the washroom and reset the system, the user need only open the door mechanically, or by using the inside door operator switch. Illuminated indicators inside and outside the washroom can be incorporated into the system design to alert the occupant and others that the door is locked and the washroom is occupied. This helps reduce attempts to open the door when the washroom is in use. During an emergency, staff members can override the system by entering with a mechanical key.

  • Universal washrooms also make it easier for families with infants and are not required to be limited to people with disabilities only.
  • These toilets must have a door that is capable of being locked from the inside and released from the outside in case of emergency.
  • A universal washroom should also be equipped with an emergency call system to use in case of any crisis or request for aid and that will allow a person inside the washroom to alert those outside in case assistance is required.
  • There are also specified mounting height and location directives for washroom accessories like soap dispensers, hand dryers as well as grab bars to provide safer gripping options

washroom door requirements

  • Powered door operators
  • Integrated control systems have been designed to allow the door
  • Electric lock
  • Powered door operator to work together
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    how are universal washroom doors different from regular washroom doors?

    For universal washrooms, there are special doors that need to be installed. These doors have features that are different from regular washroom doors. They are designed to be more compliant to people with disabilities. These doors have the following features:

    different locking mechanism

    These doors should be able to be locked from the inside and released from the outside in case of emergencies.

    graspable latch

    These doors should have a graspable latch-operating mechanism located not less than 900 mm and not more than 1,000 mm above the floor.

    power door operator

    If the door is equipped with a self closing device, the door must also have a power door operator.

    special door pulls & hinges

    If it is an outward swinging door, the door must have a door pull not less than 140 mm long located on the inside. There must also be a door closer, spring hinges or gravity hinges, so that the door closes automatically.

    At UTS Group we want to try and make sure your building is AODA compliant so you are able to help your visitors. At UTS Group, we supply, install, and maintain products related to Universal Washroom Doors for various industries. The quality of our services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario.

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