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Do you own a building with manual doors? Do you want to offer your visitors the effortless experience of an automatic door? Are you on a budget? Automatic Door Operators are the solution to your problem! Automatic Door Operators can transform manual doors into automatic doors. This change to your doors will make them completely automatic and offer your visitors with ease of access.

At UTS Group, we supply, install, and maintain products related to Automatic Door Operators for various industries. The quality of our services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario.

WHat are automatic door operators?

Automatic Door Operators are being installed in various commercial and public buildings. An Automatic Door Opener is a mechanism that is mounted above a door which allows the door to function automatically in a swing motion through a button or remote control. This is because Automatic Door Operators can provide your building
entrance with many advantages, making them a viable option for your building:

  • Full Energy Operator: for fast operation
  • Low Energy Operator: for safe and slow operation
  • Power Assist Operator: for facilitating manually supported operation
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    The mission of UTS Group is to provide one stop solution for all your advanced security needs. From installation, maintenance and repairs, count on the integrated security service for the best control of commercial or residential access.

    let's take a look at the different operators based on the kind of automatic doors they are attached to

    Automatic Sliding Door Operators Features:

    • Modern design
    • Smooth operation and quiet performance.
    • Safety sensors to sense the barriers and make the passage convenient for the people.
    • Affordable and easy to install.
    • These systems can be integrated with Access Control Systems.
    • High quality and durability.
    • Reliable and professional services.
    • Remote control operation.
    • Motion sensor operation.
    sliding door operator toronto

    Features of Automatic Swing Door Opener:

    • Modern design
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Safety sensors that avoid any injury while closing or opening.
    • ADA compliant and suitable for the people carrying objects.
    • Energy saving and durable.
    • Remote control operation
    • Reliable services
    • High-rated quality

    Features of Automatic Handicap Door Openers:

    • AODA compliant and access for all.
    • Reliable services
    • Supreme quality
    • Advanced technology
    • Push and Go facility.
    • Remote control operator
    • Safety sensors that sense the obstacles and automatically closes or reverse
    Apartment Handicap doors



    Installation of Automatic Door Operators will make the entrances to your building much more convenient for access by visitors.


    Automatic Door Operators can be integrated with the existing access control system of your building.


    Automatic Door Operators are compatible with wood, metal and/or glass doors.


    Automatic door operators can open extremely heavy doors. The weight that these openers can take exceed over 200 pounds


    Automatic door operators are approved to be used as fire exit door operators.


    Automatic door operators have silent operation. They are very durable, giving you a peace of mind about maintenance costs.


    Automatic door operators have a modern design and can be mounted just about anywhere. They are made with heavy duty materials.


    Automatic Door Operators are inexpensive for the convenience and efficiency they offer. Installation is also quick and hassle-less.

    The video features the products & services that UTS Group offers

    Why UTS Group?

    UTS Group is the leading Canadian provider of advanced intelligent security systems serving Ontario. We have over 15 years of experience specializing in the selling, installing and servicing of Access Control Systems, Locksmith Services, Intercom, Systems Security Cameras and Automatic Door Systems. Not just this, we integrate all our services together in your premise. We offer our  clients an effective solution designed to meet their unique needs and varying needs.  Our emergency services are available 24X7 Your safety and security is our mission.

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