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Ensure smooth, solid operation of your doors with our door operators or door openers. Available in a variety of configurations

What are automatic door operators?

Automatic Door Operators are being installed in various commercial and business buildings. An Auto Door Opener is a mechanism that is mounted above a door which allows the door to function on automation in a swing motion through a button or remote control. This is because Auto Door Operators can provide your building entrance with many advantages, making them a viable option for your building:

do You Need A Door Operator/ Opener?

Do you want to offer your visitors the effortless experience of an automatic door in your commercial premises? Are you on a budget? Automatic Door Operators are the solution to your problem! Electric Automatic Door Opening Systems can transform manual doors into automation. This change to your doors will make them completely automatic and offer your visitors with ease of access. 

At UTS Group, we supply, install, and maintain products related to Automatic Door Operators for various industries including Overhead Concealed System which is a heavy-duty solution that can handle busy pedestrian traffic. The quality of our

services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

Types of Automatic Doors Operators

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Automatic Sliding Door Operators Features:

  • Modern design in sliding door operators
  • Smooth automation and quiet performance.
  • Safety sensors to sense the barriers and make the passage convenient for the people.
  • Affordable and easy to install.
  • These operater systems can be integrated with Access Control Systems.
  • High quality and durability.
  • Reliable and professional services.
  • Remote control operation.
  • Motion sensor operation for all Sliding Doors.
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Automatic Swing Door Opener Features:

  • Modern design in swing door operators
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Safety sensors that avoid any injury while closing or opening.
  • ADA door compliant and suitable for the people carrying objects.
  • Energy saving and durable.
  • Remote control operation
  • Reliable services
  • High-rated quality
Apartment Handicap doors

Automatic Handicap Door Openers (ADA Auto Doors) features:

  • AODA compliant and access for all.
  • Reliable services
  • Supreme quality
  • Advanced technology
  • Push and Go facility.
  • Remote control operator
  • Safety sensors that sense the obstacles and automatically closes or reverse

Advantages of Automatic Door Operators


Automatic Door Operators are compatible with wood, metal and/or glass doors.


Automatic Door Operators can be integrated with the existing access control system of your building.

Smooth Functioning

Automatic door operators have silent operation. They are very durable, giving you a peace of mind about maintenance costs.

Fire Exits

Automatic door operators are approved to be used as fire exit door operators.


Installation of electric Automatic Door Operators will make the entrances for commercial places and building much more convenient for access by visitors.

Modern Design

Automatic door operators have a modern design and can be mounted just about anywhere. They are made with heavy duty materials and can be for the purpose of ADA


Automatic door operators has opening systems extremely heavy doors. The weight that these auto electric door openers can take exceed over 200 pounds


Automatic Door Operators are inexpensive for the convenience and efficiency they offer. Installation is also quick and hassle-less.

Industries we serve Automated Security

Every industry is unique and special in its requirement for security and safety systems. Secure and enhance your business with a comprehensive, integrated automated security system. Here are the industries we serve to.

why Auto Door Opener from UTS Group?
  • Top automatic door operator installers and supplier in Ontario, British Columbia & Quebec
  • Professional Team of Expertise
  • We guarantee satisfaction – Over 10k happy clients
  • Installations and Maintenance across all Industries. 
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Our Services

UTS Group provides security solution that uniquely handles installation, maintenance, supply, integration, and customization.






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Company profile

UTS Group specializes in installing professional security systems for commercial, residential, factories, construction sites, transportation and other industries by means of electronic security solutions. To ensure a safe and secured environment, we offer our clients cutting edge and advanced security system solutions. We are highly professional and have the ability to devise expert security solutions across Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. 

Our Brands

UTS Group is proudly associated with the world-renowned brands

Our customizable and unique solution for supplying, maintenance, installation, repair, consultation has only gone beyond perfection.

Our Clients

In our decade of experience, we have been associated with more than 1000s of valuable customers. The love and respect that we have received in these years have made us the top 5 security providers in Ontario. Thus, ensuring the superior secured environment for every commercial, warehouses, construction sites, multi residential, office and many other industry.

We are certified

We are certified in providing security services. As a security company, we understand the need to comply with safety and reduce the risks that are involved.

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We are certified in providing security services. As a security company, we understand the need to comply with safety and reduce the risks that are involved.

We supply security systems across Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Our goal is to make sure that you have high-quality protection for your commercial, residential and business no matter which part of Canada you are in.

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