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Types of Access Control Systems

In a nutshell, access control systems help you choose who can enter a property, when they can, and specifically which areas they can access. There’s a huge variety of access control system types that can be tailored to how many people are authorized to access your facility, how many access areas exist, and what your specific security needs are. In this blog entry, Ontario, Canada’s leading access control installation team, the professional technicians here at UTS Group, will detail the top forms of access control systems commonly on the market today.

Manual Access Control

These systems utilize the securing of specific areas through in-person security personnel. These personnel try to identify who wants to enter your property, and grant permission if they can provide the necessary information. Think ticket ushers or doormen!

Mechanical Based Access Control

This form of access control utilized mechanical technology to secure a certain area. Any locked door is a form of mechanical based access control! Any cylinder lock that uses a key can be construed as such – this form of access control can be found in all homes, and even many garages!

Electronic Access Control Systems

These types of access control systems can be used to secure specific access areas with cards, fobs, chips, or codes. There’s two main varieties of electronic access control systems – standalone systems and online systems. Standalone access control systems protect particular specific access controls, and include digital cylinders and electronic door locks. They are often cloud-based, not wired, and are ideal for off-site locations, or properties in which wired or more complicated systems cannot be installed.

Online access control systems, on the other hand, are often fully wired and connected to a larger host system that utilizes access control software. These access control systems provide high quality security, with capability for real-time monitoring, at-a-distance control and customization, and pairing with other systems like alarms, CCTV cameras, and even elevator controls!


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