Security Cameras for Warehouse

Tips for Improving Warehouse Security

Every warehouse environment, from industrial settings to storage and manufacturing properties, have their own set of security challenges, ranging from threats related to entry and exit, as well as internal security threats. By implementing the proper security system at warehouse properties, your commercial enterprise will be more safe, efficient, and secure. In this blog post, the security system experts here at UTS Group will detail some fantastic tips for increasing the safety and security at your warehouse property.

Access Control System Upgrades

The majority of warehouse facilities already utilize access control, albeit worn out or outdated models that rely on physical servers and obsolete credential parameters. By upgrading to a modern access control system that utilizes RFID door locks and a security platform based in the cloud, and able to be accessed on mobile devices, you can improve your security exponentially. By implementing mobile and cloud based access control systems, you can eliminate the need for physical fobs, have remote access to your security hubs, create customizable permissions, create schedules for locks, and have access to a detailed log of access activity.

Utilizing mobile credentials, your employees can have access to your facility with a single credential rather than a separate keycard for every person. Managers can make instant on-the-spot changes to codes and entry permissions, allowing you to revoke access, change scheduling, or add additional permissions. With an activity log, you can track who’s coming and going, and address any sudden discrepancies in inventory by checking who accessed a certain area and where. A detailed and organized access log saves a ton of work, and allows for expert monitoring of your property.

Warehouse CCTV Cameras

By installing CCTV cameras at entry and exit points you can maintain visibility of what’s happening in your property at all times, and verify who’s accessing your space, improving your security and safety. This can help you stay abreast of issues with keeping to safety regulations and standards, allowing you to quickly correct them.

The best warehouse CCTV cameras allow for real time recording and have a detailed archive, as well as operating with high quality video. One benefit of cloud based CCTV systems is unlimited storage, and the ability to be integrated with access control systems, as well as mobile device control, so you can maintain full monitoring and control of your property from a single device.

Remote Management Access Control

Smart access control systems are a great idea – their remote operation capability allows you to keep your security management interface centralized on a single device. This is a fantastic investment to make that pays off exponentially. Access control systems with cloud-based remote capabilities allow managerial staff to see what’s occurring on the property in the moment it’s happening, from any distance – offering fantastic security benefit for nighttime hours, or when staff is low. This will allow you to handle any emergency occurrence much faster, and in real time. You can have alerts set up for particular issues, like doors left open or wrong password input – programmed to go to any particular staff members, so anything suspicious can be handled as soon as possible, by the right person.

RFID Inventory Management

Implement RFID and barcode inventory tracking systems to help reduce the need for manual inventory logging. This will help you keep a stronger grasp on what your real inventory is, reducing the risk of loss and theft. These integrated systems help you increase productivity, streamlining your employee and warehouse management, and providing you with conveniently accessed and detailed analytics.

Regular Security Audits

Make sure to regularly audit your security plan to ensure that your property is protected as best as possible. This includes ensuring surveillance is in place and functioning around your facility, that any landscaping and lighting around the perimeter of your property doesn’t aid suspicious activity, that all security hardware AND software (including readers and access control management devices) are functioning and up-to-date, and, last but not least, that all of your high security locks are secure and functioning!


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