Since telescopic doors have become a standard part of different units, more and more organizations are thinking to get them installed in their commercial spaces. So, we have started designing and providing premium quality doors, just to serve you with a wider range and premium options.
Smart, sophisticated and stylish automated telescopic doors are specifically designed for a particular purpose. These are perfect for the places with less space.

With telescopic doors, many firms are creating an ultimate impression on their clients so, if you have not installed such a wonderful piece in your commercial unit, then have one and get ready to take an enjoy that this modern technology based doors will offer you. Apart from unique construction, these doors are featured with quick opening and closing facility.

Some offices or industries are small in size and does not accommodate a full-size sliding door but still be needed to offer ease of access for large footfalls, shopping trolleys, and wheelchairs. Telescopic doors require less space so, ideal solutions for the place where convenience and accessibility are significant. Without taking additional space, these can provide around 20 % more opening width.

Types of Telescope Doors

Features and Benefits

Telescopic doors are engineered and installed as single, two or four sliding models. Based on the sophisticated microprocessor technology, these doors can serve your space for years to come. Added to this, they are smooth, reliable and convenient in its operation.

Advancement in technology is liked by everyone and people normally love to use it when comes to market. And, these doors are so featured rich that you will not let yourself get one for your property.

Installation of doors matters a lot so, we have experienced professionals who use quality products and other accessories that will be perfect for your particular requirements.

We have also started designing and installing automatic sliding doors in accordance with the latest safety standards. Our clients aimed services enable us to develop dedicated and different products based knowledge of the whole automated door market thus, you can expect the best quality doors from us.

Highly reliable

As integrated with a modern microprocessor and made of premium material so, these doors are the great and reliable solution for your property.


These doors provide immediate and effortless opening and closing when needed, in addition, offers silent opening in all door configurations.

Come in a range of designs and finishes

Telescopic doors have different designs, sizes and finishes so, allows buyers to choose one according to their choice.

Offers full security

Telescopic doors feature access control because equipped with mechanical and electrical locking system. If you are looking for a system that can add more security to your space then these automatic doors are the perfect option for you.

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