Push Button Door Opener

Differences between Automatic Door Openers and Closers

Many people get confused about automatic doors, automatic door operators, automatic door openers and closers. It can be easy to mix up the terminology but essentially all of these mechanisms work together to form an automatic door opener system. Automatic door opener systems provide greater accessibility for independent wheelchair access for homes, buildings and public places. Automatic door openers and closers make accessing facilities much easier for anyone with limited mobility or accessibility.

The Difference Between Automatic Door Openers and Closers

Automatic door openers and closers make it possible for an automatic door to open and close with a remote control or the push of a button. Automatic door openers and closers come in various sizes. The most common button is a large square or circular button or a small rectangle button. The push buttons make it possible to easily access buildings and entryways independently for people who require mobility assistive devices. On the other hand, automatic door operators control the swing motion of the automatic door and allow it to open and close using a remote control or button.

Where are they installed?

Automatic door openers are installed on the door frame or on a place that is easily accessible to open the automatic door such as on the wall of a building or on an independent metal column in front of the door. Automatic door closers, however, are primarily installed in washrooms to lock the door. Some forms of automatic door closers are push to open and push to lock buttons that light up green to indicate that they are unlocked and red for locked.

Features of Automatic Door Openers

  • AODA compliant
  • Safety sensors that avoid injury during operation
  • Remote control operation
  • Reliable and high quality
  • Push and go button
  • Quiet operation

How long do Automatic Doors stay open?

The amount of time that a door stays open can vary depending on individual doors. The typical delay time for a push button automatic door opener to remain open is 5 seconds and 1.5 to 2.5 seconds for fully automatic doors. However, the automatic doors can allow adjustments for up to 50 seconds.

UTS Group provides the best automatic door opener installation services in Ontario. We offer a range of automatic door operators, openers and closers with various shapes, sizes, designs and finishes and we carry all major door operator brands. We can also customize the design for your needs. Our customers have peace of mind because we provide professional installation services with warranty. We are here to assist you in the purchase, installation and maintenance of your automatic door opener system.



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