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We sell, install, repair & maintain. We offer competitive pricing and we always quote an all inclusive price (no hidden fees). UTS Group provides the best automatic door operator installation services in the Greater Toronto Area ( GTA), Ontario, Canada.We provide professional installation services for automatic door operators, besides the installation service we stock an inventory for all major door operator brands. Our customers can pick and choose their door operator from a range of shape, size and brands. UTS Group brings to your doorsteps a complete door automation solution. The automatic door opener is a device that helps to open the door, pause and close it automatically. Automatic door openers can be installed on the existing doors to automate their operations. As it is challenging for elderly people or disabled people to open, close and pass through the doors, these systems give them more physical independence to enter or exit a residential or commercial building.


Automatic door openers are used in hospitals, schools, restaurants, and many other commercial buildings. Automatic door openers and closers are primarily designed to provide the convenience to access the building with ease. Automatic door operators are electrically operated and do not require any manual effort. We also offer push-button operators that can be used to open a door simply at the push of a button. The push button door operators very convenient and easy to use especially for the elderly and the disabled. We provide professional automatic door operator installation services commercial buildings, public premises, residential apartments, restaurants, hospitals and shopping malls etc.

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The mission of UTS Group is to provide one stop solution for all your advanced security needs. From installation, maintenance and repairs, count on the integrated security service for the best control of commercial or residential access.

Automatic Sliding Door Operators Features:

  • Modern design
  • Smooth operation and quiet performance.
  • Safety sensors to sense the barriers and make the passage convenient for the people.
  • Affordable and easy to install.
  • These systems can be integrated with Access Control Systems.
  • High quality and durability.
  • Reliable and professional services.
  • Remote control operation.
  • Motion sensor operation.

Automatic Swing Door Openers:

Automatic Swing door operators are the most popular operators in the commercial and residential environment. Swing door openers are available in various sizes and shapes which makes them such a popular choice. Automatic swing door operators open the door, wait and close automatically. The safety sensors ensure that the users get unhindered access and free movement. These doors have slower operation time i.e. open and close time as compared to the sliding doors and hence are considered safer in some scenarios. Automatic swing door openers are the easiest way to convert a regular swing door into an automatic swing door.

UTS Group offers professional installation by trained and experienced technicians using branded high-quality operators. All our products are very carefully selected based on customer feedback and experience, which ensures that you get the best installation for your automatic swing door operator.

Features of Automatic Swing Door Opener:

  • Modern design
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Safety sensors that avoid any injury while closing or opening.
  • ADA compliant and suitable for the people carrying objects.
  • Energy saving and durable.
  • Remote control operation
  • Reliable services
  • High-rated quality

Automatic Handicap Door Openers:

Automatic handicap door or Push button door openersprovide complete independence for the disabled to access the building. These systems can be operated by simply pushing a button. Handicap door operators can also be handled by a remote control operator. These are very easy to use for the people with some special needs. As per AODA act 2005, all levels of government, nonprofits, and private sector business have to keep the automatic handicap doors.

These handicap door openers commercial or residential provide easy access to the disabled people. These door openers open, pause and close the door automatically.

Features of Automatic Handicap Door Openers:

  • AODA compliant and access for all.
  • Reliable services
  • Supreme quality
  • Advanced technology
  • Push and Go facility.
  • Remote control operator
  • Safety sensors that sense the obstacles and automatically closes or reverse
Apartment Handicap doors

The video features the products & services that UTS Group offers

Why UTS Group?

UTS Group is the leading Canadian provider of advanced intelligent security systems serving Ontario. We have over 15 years of experience specializing in the selling, installing and servicing of Access Control Systems, Locksmith Services, Intercom, Systems Security Cameras and Automatic Door Systems. Not just this, we integrate all our services together in your premise. We offer our  clients an effective solution designed to meet their unique needs and varying needs.  Our emergency services are available 24X7 Your safety and security is our mission.

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