door Entry buzzer system

 Wireless door bell also known as buzzers has a range & signal strength to pass through commercial plazas and buildings constructed. In definition ‘buzzing someone in’ means granting someone access by remotely activating an electronically controlled door.

buzzer system

Commercial Buzzer Systems

The expression ‘to buzz someone in’ is fairly new to the English language. It emerged with the rise of the electronics industry. The unlocking is accompanied with a buzzing sound. The most common example is the one at jewelers stores. UTS Group supplies, installs and maintains buzzer system for various industries.

Major Components Of Buzzer Systems

Go through the components of doorbell systems to customize your own door entry buzzer systems. 

Intercom Buzzer Button

Alarm Device

Wireless / Wiring

Door Release

Buzzer System
Buzzer System

Select Door Buzzer System The Wide Range According to Your Need

Our specialization on buzzers are according to your industry requirements. Select the from one of our wide range in the commercial and residential door buzzer systems

Select From the Different Types of Buzzer Systems

Based on the types of buzzer you can select what could be the best for your premises

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Commercial Door Bell Buzzers


Residential / Apartment Door Bell Buzzers

Why Do You Need A Commercial Door Buzzer Intercom System?

A standard method used by all organizations to manage crowds and give access to individuals are through buzzers. Some major features why one needs to a buzzer intercom system in an office can vary from one industry to another. 

Communicate With Visitors

Adaptability – Convenient To Use

Alarm When In Danger 

Remote Monitoring

Maintain Visitors Record

Control Access To Certain Areas

Equally common in domestic and commercial use, buzzer systems are reliable and safe. Numerous businesses benefit from this heightened security solution like for example, banks, jewelry shops, and stores that offer 24/7 services such as pharmacies.

With such a list of praised benefits you will never have to worry about security issues ever again.

Industries we serve Automated Security

Every industry is unique and special in its requirement for security and safety systems. Secure and enhance your business with a comprehensive, integrated automated security system. Here are the industries we serve to.

Why Buzzers from UTS Group?
  • Decade long experience and expertise
  • Professional Team to help you purchase the right buzzers
  • Thousands of happy clients
  • Installation, Supply and Maintenance across all Industries. 
  • Wide Products as per purpose, industry to serve 

We supply security systems across Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Our goal is to make sure that you have high-quality protection for your commercial, residential and business no matter which part of Canada you are in.

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