What Should You Do When Automatic Sliding Doors Get Stuck?

One common issue is an automatic door not closing all the way, leaving a gap that can be a security risk and allow air and noise to leak in. If your automatic door won’t close at all, there could be a range of causes, from sensor malfunctions to power outages or even physical obstructions. Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to identify and fix the problem. For instance, you can check for any visible obstacles in the door’s path, ensure the sensor is clean and functioning properly, and verify that the power source is connected and supplying sufficient voltage. By taking these steps, you can diagnose and resolve the issue and get your automatic door back to working as it should. 

Automatic doors like Electric Sliding Doors offer great convenience. If you’ve ever encountered the frustrating situation of an automatic sliding door stuck open, don’t panic – in this blog post, we’ll provide some troubleshooting tips to help you diagnose and resolve the issue. 

This is a trouble shooting guide for common types of automatic sliding doors. These instructions apply to both single slide doors, bipod or other common types of automatic doors. If your automatic door is not operating, meaning it is not opening or closing properly, there are a few things you can check before troubleshooting. But how should you open Automatic Sliding Doors Stuck? Or if your automatic sliding door won’t close, try these steps.

1. Power Check

Firstly, try to reset the automatic door. Its important to see that the door is not locked by checking the thumb turn. If the door is locked, unlock it. Check to see that the power switch is turned on. The power switch type and location may vary. The function switch will tell you what mode the door is in. The door should be set to automatic for the doors to function properly. “Closed Locked” will keep the doors closed. “Open” enables the door to remain open.

Reset automatic doors, which is a common troubleshooting technique for resolving issues of sliding doors

stanley instruction 2
Check the power supply

“One-way” enables the door to activate from only one direction. “Reduced” will shorten the opening width. “Reduced Oneway” will shorten the opening width in one direction. Now, approach the doors. If the doors are still not operating properly,  there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem before placing a service call.

stanley instruction 3
Manual Open and Close

2. Manual Pressure to Door Panels

By manually sliding the door panels open and closed, you can feel if there is anything on the track or on the threshold that may be obstructing the doors. The door panels should slide freely without significant effort.

If the door does not move smoothly, the threshold or track may have gathered small pebbles or debris that are obstructing the path. Use a brush or a vacuum to clean the track or threshold area.


3. Reboot The Door

If your doors are still not operating properly, reboot the door by turning the power off, then turning it back on after five to ten seconds. The door will run through a learn mode cycle as it retunes itself. In this mode, the doors will open and close very slowly. 


To ensure your safety, be sure to turn the power off. It is best to troubleshoot while traffic is light or restricted. If possible, direct traffic to an alternate door or rope off the area around the door to prevent traffic from passing through during this time. You can also check our free quote to get your door replaced or repaired

stanley instruction 2
Turn Off the Switch
stanley instruction 5
Clean The Sensors

4. check The Sensors

If your sliding door does not close all the way, there is the chance of sensor block. The sensors ensures the door opens and closes at the correct time. Clean the sensors that are at the door panel, like shown in the image. To ensure your safety, be sure to turn the power off. 

Try simple steps only if you feel confident. 

P.S – Automatic Door experts are always advisable to see if the sliding door does not breaks down


5. Door panels Secured to the hanger

Do not attempt to clean the guide on the bottom of the sliding panel. Occasionally, the slide door panel can become disengaged from the hanger. Check that the door panels are secured to their hangers by pushing the door shut from the outside.

Do you still need help to fix the problem? Give us a call or send us a message that we will help you.

stanley instruction 4
Align the door and the holding beam
stanley instruction 6
Check For Any Obstructions

6. Clean the Door Panels

Sometimes, automatic door is not working as it can be cluttered with some obstruction. An obstruction can make sensors not close the door properly. Cleaning the door way can avoid unnecessary obstacles in the hanger. This can help you close the sliding door stuck, open.

These are some quick measure that you can try to open the automatic sliding door.

Here is a quick video reference given by Stanley to make the process simple for any bifold or single sliding door getting stuck.


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