[video] What Should You Do When Automatic Sliding Doors Get Stuck?

Electric Sliding Doors offer great convenience. But What Should You Do When Automatic Sliding Doors Stuck?

This is a troubleshooting guide for your Stanley dura glide 2000-3000 automatic sliding doors. These instructions apply to both direct light 2000-3000 bipod and single slide doors or other common types of automatic doors. If your automatic door is not operating, meaning it is not opening or closing properly, there are a few things you can check before troubleshooting.

First, check to see that the door is not locked by checking the thumb turn. If the door is locked, unlock it. Check to see that the power switch is turned on. Your power switch type and location may vary. The function switch will tell you what mode the door is in. The door should be set to automatic for the doors to function properly. “Closed Locked” will keep the doors closed. “Open” enables the door to remain open.

“One-way” enables the door to activate from only one direction. “Reduced” will shorten the opening width. “Reduced Oneway” will shorten the opening width in one direction. Now, approach the doors.

If your doors are still not operating properly, reboot the door by turning the power off, then turning it back on after five to ten seconds. The door will run through a learn mode cycle as it retunes itself. In this mode, the doors will open and close very slowly.

If the doors are still not operating properly,  there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem before placing a service call.

To ensure your safety, be sure to turn the power off. It is best to troubleshoot while traffic is light or restricted. If possible, direct traffic to an alternate door or rope off the area around the door to prevent traffic from passing through during this time.

By manually sliding the door panels open and closed, you can feel if there is anything on the track or on the threshold that may be obstructing the doors. The door panels should slide freely without significant effort.

If the door does not move smoothly, the threshold or track may have gathered small pebbles or debris that are obstructing the path. Use a brush or a vacuum to clean the track or threshold area.

Do not attempt to clean the guide on the bottom of the sliding panel. Occasionally, the slide door panel can become disengaged from the hanger. Check that the door panels are secured to their hangers by pushing the door shut from the outside.


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