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Why You Need To Upgrade Your Commercial Entrance Into Automatic Door

What are automatic doors? What exactly do they do for your organization?

As a beautiful cover of a book attracts you to read, the doors of your office should be quite charismatic as per the standard of your company.

Now some questions will start churning in your mind like,

Why automatic doors if normal doors work as well?

For that, I have a lot of things to tell.

Moreover, the Canadian government has enforced a law AODA for persons with disabilities. As per AODA act 2005, all levels of government, nonprofits, and private sector business have to keep the automatic doors.

If any corporation or organization is found guilty that will be fined $100000 per day.

These are enough reasons to do the smart things, that is, upgrade the commercial entrance into automatic doors.

Before that, I will tell you what types of automatic doors you can use to mark up the entrance of your company.

Varieties of Automatic Doors You may Surely Like:

Yes, of course, I have told you enough about why you should upgrade commercial entrance into automatic doors.

Wanna buy these doors?

Hang on !! But before putting money into that, you should know the types of these doors so that You may opt for any of them.

Check out the list below

1. Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

Wanna give stylish look to your entrance?

Then, automatic glass sliding door is something you’re looking for.

Automatic Glass sliding doors are specially designed for two – way or directional traffic. The types of automatic sliding doors are single sliding doors, bi-parting sliding doors, and telescope sliding doors.


  • Good for two way traffic.
  • Hurricane resistant.
  • Maintain inside temperature.

2. Automatic Folding Doors

Lack of space?

Don’t worry. Automatic folding doors are the best substitutes. People can move in any direction through the same opening. These can be single or bi-fold doors.


  • Energy efficient.
  • Advance activation sensors.
  • Best space adjustor.

3. Low energy Doors

Low energy doors are activated by a push plate. They are very functional for the slow-moving areas. They are available in single, pair or double doors.


  • Easy to install.
  • Cost efficient.

4. Automatic Revolving Doors

Is the area of your office high traffic area?

Well!! Then it’s must for you to use the automatic revolving doors. These doors provide the pedestrians the facility to go in and go out at the same time.


  • Safety sensors with speed control.
  • Blocks street noise from entering a building.
  • Energy efficiency in heating, cooling and preventing drafts.

5. Automatic Swing Doors

Swinging doors are the best for one way traffic, either in or out. Automatic Swing doors can be single, pair or double doors.


  • Good for two way traffic.
  • No safety devices needed.

6. Handicap accessible automatic doors

These are specially designed for the disabled people. They make an effortless access for the handicapped people.


  • Flexibility during installation.
  • Easy to use

What may You Acquire from Picking up Automatic Doors for Your Commercial & Residential Premises?

Automatic doors are for a barrier-free access to a building, these are widely used for commercial entrance.

How can it make an easy access?

These doors have sensors that open automatically if someone advances towards the door.

Even the disabled persons can enter with ease.

If there is not enough space on the company premises, then they are well organized.

Let’s take a look what other benefits automatic doors provide:

1. In Emergency Situations

What is the pre-eminent thing about these doors?

In an alarming situation, like there’s fire or any other emergency situation occur on your company premises, then they are the best way out to tackle these situations.

Your employees can easily go out to in this urgent situation.

Suppose you are an employer, I guess, there will be nothing more than saving the lives of your employees.

I think this is the best gift for your employees.

2. Energy consumption

Some automatic doors are less energy consuming. These doors need fewer sensors and they require less energy to operate.

If energy saving is the requirement of your company, then some low energy automatic doors are very useful for you.

3. Style

As this is the basic mindset of people, if something looks stylish, then they get tempted towards the things.

We often buy the things that attract us more with its look.

So these doors maintain the standard of your organization and also give a stylish look to your organization.

4. Convenience

Don’t we all yearn for the comforts?

Yes, of course. If I talk about myself, I guess, the comfort is the most luxurious thing for me. I think you also prefer the company which gives me more facilities, so do I.

Handicap accessible doors are easy to use for the disabled people assist them to earn their living.

This will be very convenient for the disabled people to enter a building. Maybe, this can be a big step for the handicapped people.

5. Security

Automatic doors have security turnstiles. They are very helpful for the safety purposes. You don’t need to hire any security personnel.

Automatic doors have security turnstiles. They are very helpful for the safety purposes. You don’t need to hire any security personnel.

Once you get security turnstiles installed like card access control, biometric systems, optical and full height.

Even biometric systems are the person authorized. It takes an image of the person entering or leaving the organization.

You can be free from the worries of the security issues of your organization.

These automatic doors with security turnstiles prevent scam and misinformation.

6. Space

If you’re facing the problem of space, then automatic folding doors can adjust the space for your company.

I guess a small organization can choose automatic folding doors to save the problem of space.

Why order today?

I guess I have told you enough benefits to make a choice for the automatic doors. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Moreover, it gives you more information about why you have to upgrade the doors of your commercial doors into automatic doors.

I have written on it because I genuinely feel that these doors are highly stylish and efficient for handling the two- way traffic and these lead a hand to the disabled people.


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