Our Company in Greater Toronto Area, Canada is proud to help various commercial and public buildings by serving them the best installation and the maintenance door services. Our automatic door systems have opened an almost unlimited range of various door designs options to the Canadian people.

We possess a large variety of folding doors, which are one of the common types of doors highly used in Canada. Folding doors fold open instead of swinging open like the normal ones do. This is one of the reasons which make these types of doors ideal as they can be easily used in the areas of limited space or where you need to use the space right beside the door.

The folding doors are very popular as they easily add an extra touch to your place. The other reason for the popularity is that they are easily available in a variety of materials, styles, price with us.

We have a friendly and supportive team who always offer the right guidance along with your purchase. Among the various designs and colors available to us, our team of door operators assists you to choose the best according to your architectural need.

Before purchasing the folding door, there are certain aspects that are needed to be considered:

Check your space well before selecting any door so that it can easily suit your place.

  • It takes sufficient time to manufacture, supply and install the door. So make sure that you have the needed time in your hand.
  • Accurately select the style and the color of the choice in order to make it look good.
  • Pay special attention to security, energy-efficiency, and style before making any purchase.
  • Materials, colors, customizations are other things that are required to take care off while buying a door for your building.

Here are some reasons that why you should prefer Folding doors over other types:

Best Space Adjustor

The folding doors provide quick and easy space division with moderate soundproofing and a delightful visual appearance to improve the environment. These are best for installation in spaces that are too small to fit an ordinarily sized door.

Optional Areas of Use

Barrier-free construction: can be easily fitted with contact-free switches and programmed with longer opening times

Increase the Overall Value

Folding doors are not only known for providing pleasure and style but also increase the value of your building. Our installed folding doors will make your place more appealing to the potential buyers. So this factor is beneficial if you plan to sell your property in the future.

Additional Functions

  • Air-lock and porch function: two coordinated door systems control access or prevent the movement of air between the interior and the exterior
  • Building automation: integration into existing building management systems

Wide range

The folding doors look equally good whether it’s open, closed or half open. With us, you can choose from a range of materials: wood, aluminum, and vinyl are the most common.


There is no doubt that the folding doors are immensely attractive. We in Canada possess a bi-fold or multi -folding doors in many styles including French glass, French door, mission style, plain, raised panel and a number of mirrored varieties which make them ever more wanted.


Folding doors are convenient as they can be opened and closed easily, unlike the normal doors, which swing with the wind and cause undesired noise and disturbance. So folding doors are more flexible and versatile, which also let the preferable amount of light to come in.

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