Low Energy Door Benefits

  • Cost efficient in terms of energy consumption 
  • Visibly slim and looks compact
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with existing or new installations
  • Slow operating speed offers plenty of time to “position” any kind of passage.
  • Standard closer operation in case of power failure
  • Fire door compliant

Low Energy doors are especially effective for slow-moving areas like places meant for wheelchairs, the disabled and the elderly people. These doors can be installed on the existing door which reduced the expense of a door replacement. The low energy doors are a great choice when you want easy and barrier free access for your customers.

Low energy doors are comparatively less expensive as compared to high energy automatic door openers. They are usually smaller in size, less visible, and are easier to install. They can be installed in an existing door frame without the need for extensive modifications. As they do not have safety devices like sensors etc their overall cost is lesser and that also makes them easier to maintain.

They also meet fire regulations requirements and, since low energy doors are only opened on demand, they operate less frequently which means their duty cycle is low and hence they have much longer life.

What exactly are low energy doors?

Low energy doors are provided in areas with low traffic where assistance is required for entry or exit through the door. The door operators open and close the door at reduced speeds which is safe for the handicapped users. These doors are designed such that in case of power failure, the door does not require too much force for the opening.

It is the ideal choice where safe opening or access assistance is required.

How low energy doors work?

The low energy-doors are semi-automatic and are unique in the sense that they are operated by a “knowing act”. It means to activate this type of door system, there requires pushing a wall plate or a button to begin. Once activated, the timer keeps the door open for a pre-determined level. With the ending of the predetermined time period, the door begins to close.
Low energy doors are best suited for low traffic door systems that only get used few times a day. These are often installed on entrance ways in a residential dwelling or an internal office door specially designed to allow a less able-bodied person to move unaided around the building.

How much it costs to install low energy doors?

Low energy doors are often considered as the “handicap accessible automatic doorways”. These doors can be smaller in size and are often easier to install with less expensive as compared to high energy automatic door openers. Our door operators can install these doors with convenience in an existing door frame, without the need for any additional safety devices. This reduces the overall cost and fewer maintenance charges.

Some features of low energy doors:

Convenient to use.
Advanced technology for barrier-free access.
Robust and reliable driver operator.
Possess safety for fire-protection barriers.
Remote Fobs.
Touch sensitive handles.

Some types of low-energy doors possess a power-assisted feature called as “Push and Go”. This feature will sense the force exerted by a user and activate the door motor control to take over the opening effort.

Why go for low-energy doors:

  • Safe and reliable
  • Highly suitable for elderly and disabled
  • Easy installation and Maintenance
  • Numerous activation options available
  • External/Interior door applications
  • Quite, safe and easy
  • Power assisted door controls
  • Can be used in organizations and homes when mobility is impaired.

The low energy doors can be installed either as swinging or sliding doors depend on the choice and need of the clients. The sensors are often placed on these doors to keep a ‘tailgating” pedestrian from being hit by a closing door that has timed out after the first user got passed through the doorway.

In Canada, we have numerous options available in low energy doors including double swing doors with or without master operation, interlock function, and direction oriented opening for oncoming traffic in corridors.

Our team in GTA has many years of experience in this industry and are experts to provide door closing opening services efficiently. Safety of the premises and persons is our priority and basis of our work with better designs and newer technology. Our installed automatic doors are technically managed in order to deliver cost-effective and environmentally friendly services.

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