Openpath Encrypted Key Cards And FOBS

UTS Group supplies, installs, repairs, and maintains products and services in advanced security and locksmith. Openpath is one of the brands that we offer. For users who require a physical badge, Openpath offers the same level of security and convenience as their touchless counterparts.


DESFire EV1 128-bit AES cryptographic cards with digitally signed identifiers make it extremely difficult to clone or copy cards.


MIFARE RFID cards are also supported for backwards compatibility of legacy RFID systems when running hybrid mode with a legacy card system.


Cards and fobs can be ordered in packs of 10 and 50. Custom branded keycard designs are available through an integration with InstantCard. Call and speak with a salesperson for large volume or custom design options.


For customers who prefer physical ID badges or want to design their own access cards, you can sync your users to InstantCard’s cloud-based platform to design custom Openpath badges that work alongside Openpath mobile credentials.

Use InstantCard’s native integration with Openpath to:

  • Create custom cards for your Openpath users
  • Unlock Openpath entries with custom encrypted ID badges
  • Use ID badges alongside Openpath mobile credentials


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