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Intercom Repair Across Canada

Intercoms allow for two-way communication with visitors at your door, or they could connect you with neighbors in the same building. Their affordable price makes it hard to find any residential area not equipped with intercoms. Long gone are the days when people stand unannounced at your home door; they need to buzz the intercom doorbell first or show up on your video camera.

Intercoms are durable and do not require a whole lot of maintenance. However, UTS Group guarantees an excellent after-sales service. When you purchase a product, we take care of everything related to the installation, maintenance, and repair of said product.

Intercoms have entered our modern lives and became indispensable. An intercom entry system connects you safely and efficiently with your visitors and offers life-saving features in case of emergencies. For this exact reason, and to please your instant gratification instincts, you might venture to fix an arising issue by yourself. In such a case, it is essential to get acquainted with the intercom’s components and try to understand how it operates.

Basic intercom components:

  • An internal base station equipped with either a loudspeaker and a microphone or a handset
  • An external station connected to the base station
  • A transformer
  • An amplifier
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Why Need Professional Assistance for Intercom Repair?

For professional intercom repair solutions technicians have the skills and knowledge required to diagnose the cause of any problems with the system quickly. They also have access to specialized equipment that can help pinpoint problems in the wiring, circuit boards, or other components. With their experience, they can efficiently repair any issues and restore the system to proper working condition.

Intercom systems can be complex, with a wide range of components that must work together to provide reliable communication. Without the proper expertise, attempting to repair an intercom system can be risky and even dangerous. Intercom systems typically involve low-voltage wiring and may be connected to a building’s electrical system. Only a qualified professional with the right knowledge and tools should handle repairs, maintenance, or installations of intercom systems.

What to Do In case of Intercom malfunctioning...

The commercial intercom won’t function properly if any of its components are damaged or destroyed. It is also helpful to check for loose wiring and excessive dust inside the intercom casing. Our team of experts is available to assist with your requests 24/7. We give you step-by-step instructions and try to help repair your intercom over the phone. Otherwise, our technicians will visit you and assess the situation on the spot.

Intercom systems come with a variety of features and have become a standard security solution for residential buildings. UTS Group operates all over the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Contact us for more information.
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What To Look in an Intercom system

  • Secure remote access
  • Security alert in case of illegal entry
  • Voice recording
  • Tracking blank calls
  • Integrated registration system
  • Automatic playback of voice messages to welcome visitors
  • Perfect communication despite background noise
  • Planning to Buy a new Intercom System?

    Let’s quickly go through some types of the intecom systems provided by us for integration in your residential and commercial premises

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