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Cloud-based video intercom systems is a wireless intercom that is definite plus for both the commercial and residential sectors. Video entry systems as the door phone of any premises like apartments or buildings are attached with a camera. This that helps identify the visitor at the entrance thus increasing the security. Commercial video intercoms are installed to know the intent before granting access. This is crucial not only for multi residential apartments and condominiums (condos) but also commercial and office buildings. 

Hive video intercom

What is Cloud Based Intercom?

An intercom that works, stores and retains information in the cloud is known as a cloud-based intercom. Data such as details visitors, renters, timings etc. are directly stored in the cloud rather than being uploaded into the intercom. Hive Video intercom come with one such advantage of having installation of across Canada and is cloud based.  

Why Hive as a choice for cloud based video intercoms?

UTS Group is known for its security solutions across Canada. We understand and recognize the threats of a weak security in commercial and multi residential infrastructure. Hence we install camera intercoms with door release. Hive Intercoms are simple, smart & secure choice. Here are some reasons one should try Hive cloud based intercom solutions.

  • Grant Access

    Hive intercom are known for its remote monitoring. Get a quick call about any potential security issues with someone monitoring your cameras remotely. It can be used as a way of communication with the office and industrial infrastructure.

  • Remote management Services

    Cloud Based Intercoms like Hive Intercoms have memory storage which helps you keep track of visitors.

  • Designed with Intent

    Hive video door entry systems are designed for everyone. It suits for the purpose of every user like residents, developers & installers or visitors property managers. Depending on the purpose of the user the doorbell intercom systems can be used.

  • Wireless Systems

    Wireless intercoms are the new generation intercoms. Usually wireless intercoms are integrated with an app as it is a cloud based. With an app-based intercom system, you don’t need hardware in every unit. This means you don’t need to run expensive wiring throughout the apartment building.

  • Intercom with door release

    Its is best to have video intercoms that can open door from a smart phone. This way a person can release the door for visitor, delivery and specially if you have a multiple residence.

  • Fit for any weather

    Hive commercial intercoms are made to fit outdoor installation. They are strong, sleek and can resist extreme weather conditions like heat, water and snow. Perfect fir for any house, office or building front door entry.

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Types of Video Intercoms by Hive

Hive cloud based intercoms are consistent with best intercom solutions for buildings and apartments. Each commercial Hive intercom comes with a HD wide angle camera and a night vision camera which is perfect for any residential multi-tenant space. It can vary from residential space to commercial spaces.

Surface Mount Intercom

The Surface Mount Video Intercom is a show-stopper at any door or gate when mounted in a wall or pedestal. It is 15” long, 8 inch high and 2 inches deep.

This intercom is prepared to resist even the worst weather, despite its attractive touchscreen design. You can be sure that your intercom is secure in the rain, snow, wind, or sun thanks to the weatherized shell that surrounds the surface mount screen. 

The surface mount lowers your installation costs while providing your tenants with smartphone-based property access, as it doesn’t require pricey building wiring or in-unit gear.


Flush Mount Intercom

A beautiful sleek look. The flush mount sits inside the wall and flush with it. Ideal for drywalls. This intercom makes property access for your residents simpler and guarantees they never miss a visitor or delivery again when used in conjunction with our robust mobile app. Additionally, running building wiring or installing in-unit gear won’t be a headache or cost.

Flush mount is 17” long sleek looking cloud-based video intercom with 2” deep and 10” wide. These dimensions fit the purpose of being attractive as well as clearer video 

Features Of Commercial Intercoms for Buildings

With the cloud-based video intercom system, it’s finally easy to manage your apartment building and keep it secure. Now do you see why everyone’s raving about the cloud based system?

Weather Resistant

Cloud Based

Lasting Impression

App Based

Increased Security - Virtual Key, Pins and Passwords

Multi Language

Advantages of Hive Intercoms

Choose the Correct Intercom

While buying from various options there is a chance we end up buying the wrong option. This comparison table between hive video intercoms and Other standard intercoms can assist you in buying as per your need. 

Hive Intercoms

Other Intercoms

Touch Screen Vandal Resistant

Touch Screen Vandal Resistant

Maintain Entry Records of Residents

Maintain Entry Records of Residents

Bulk Notifications through Email and Push Notifications

Individual notifications for multi connected system

Integrated Property Management

Integration and installation cost can be higher for entire property management

Two Ways Calling

Only One Way Calling

Unlock Using Face Detection

No Face Detection Only Pin Pads

Avoid unwanted guests like intruder

Cannot identify the person prior

Reduced Monthly Costs due to cellular Internet/ Wifi Based Deployment

Higher monthly cost after installation

Master Key Access Designed for Post Office Deliveries

No Master Key Option

Cloud based Integration – Wireless

Wired IP Intercom Service

Grant Access via Mobile App/ Phone Call

Grant access only when through landline phone

Route calls to multiple residents within a premise in parallel

Individual Calls to people inside the premises

Support regular phone and landline calls

Only landline no smart phone support

Remote unlock and door release

Access through only a certain defined distance

Customizable access code for each unit

Single one time code, Can Only be Customized by Management

User Friendly Directory with Touchscreens

Traditional Pin Pads with no Touchscreens

Why Intercom Systems From UTS Group?

We are a advanced security solutions company at core and we recognize the threats of a weak security in commercial and multi residential infrastructure. 

Our customers’ data privacy is most important to us and 

this is why we designed our infrastructure with security 

in mind, right from the beginning. 

We use industry best practices and standards to make sure that our customers’ data is safe and secure. We pride ourselves for our secure infrastructures. This is what sets Hive Intercom apart from the rest. 

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