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Intercom for Buildings

The majority of residential buildings are equipped with intercom systems. Some systems are pretty basic, while others are high-tech, yet the benefits are undeniable for both. Multi-tenants’ buildings, in particular, require a comprehensive system. Let us go through what every intercom system has to offer and help you make the right decision.

Why do you need an Intercom System?

The short answer would have to be: security, efficiency, and reliability. When choosing which intercom system to install, base your choice upon the order of those three words. This order reflects your priorities and specific requirements. Consequently, it is time to upgrade an existing system whenever said priorities change.

Wired versus Wireless

Intercoms have evolved from wired to wireless, but that doesn’t make the wired options obsolete. Although costly and at times complex to install, wired intercom systems are less prone to infringements. Wireless systems, on the other hand, offer building tenants flexibility in installation and cost-friendly varieties.

Video Intercom

A basic intercom supports audio communication only. Video intercoms come as a valuable upgrade and offer you an extra layer of security by allowing you to view your visitors and easily identify them.

Wi-Fi Intercom

Any intercom, whether wired or wireless, can be successfully connected to the internet. This feature helps you grant access to your visitors remotely through a specific mobile application or a phone number relay, provide PINs or virtual keys, and track entry records. Also, internet-connected intercoms enable you to install an IP camera. Such advanced cameras can capture your visitor’s image and link it to its respective entry log for future reference.

Access Control Integration

An intercom system with door release acts to a certain extent as an access control device. Nonetheless, enhancing its security functions with added features is always a good idea. You can easily integrate your intercom system with an access control system.

UTS Group supplies, installs, and maintains intercom systems all over Ontario, Canada. We are an advanced security company with more than a decade of proven quality services and unique technology solutions. Contact us for more information!

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Why UTS Group?

UTS Group is the leading Canadian provider of advanced intelligent security systems serving Ontario. We have over 15 years of experience specializing in the selling, installing and servicing of Access Control Systems, Locksmith Services, Intercom, Systems Security Cameras and Automatic Door Systems. Not just this, we integrate all our services together in your premise. We offer our  clients an effective solution designed to meet their unique needs and varying needs.  Our emergency services are available 24X7 Your safety and security is our mission.

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