Looking for The Best Door Repair Toronto?

UTS Group delivers unbeatable door repair services in Toronto. We are known for our high quality and durable door repair solutions. We cover everything from detection of any door problems like repair broken dead bolts, doorlocks, door openers, damaged door frames and frayed cables and much more.

We have very skilled, professional and experienced door repair technicians for door repair
Toronto. We also provide emergency door repair services at affordable rates. In emergency situations, we try to track and reach your location immediately to help you.

Door repair and replacement service we provide in Toronto:

Commercial Door Repair: Sometimes severe weather conditions, burglary or any accident may cause some severe damage to the commercial door. We provide many solutions to repair the damaged front doors and we can replace them as well if necessary.

We can also design the gates for you if you have some specified needs. If you have special requirements for the handicap doors in your commercial premises, then we can install handicap doors for you at the affordable rates. We offer quick and affordable commercial door repair Toronto.

What services of commercial door repair Toronto we offer

  • Handicap door repair and replacement.
  • Hinges install, repair and replacement.
  • Door threshold repair and replacement.
  • Flush bolt repair, and replacement
  • Sweep and seal door weatherstripping
  • Panic bar installation and repair
  • Door opener and door closer
  • Automatic door repair

Emergency Door Repair

If you are searching for emergency door replacement services in Toronto, you don’t need to go further to find, UTS group offer you emergency door repair solutions in Toronto. There are certain emergency situations like any robbery/ breaking, bad weather conditions, or jammed door when you need to replace or repair the doors immediately. We can also replace your entrance into automatic doors .We provide fast and durable emergency door repair Toronto.

What services of emergency door repair Toronto we offer

  • Break-in entry repair
  • All types of door or frame repair
  • Repair of security related issues
  • Sliding door repair
  • Fast and reliable services

We never want our customers to experience any problem due to any faulty door. That’s why we provide fast, effective and durable door repair Toronto. We offer sliding door repair, automatic door repair, handicap door repair, emergency door repair and commercial door repair Toronto. We also commend you that you should get your doors checked regularly to avoid any kind of disruption.

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