ButterflyMX Elevator Control Offered by UTS Group

UTS Group supplies, installs, repairs, and maintains products and services for advanced security and locksmith jobs. ButterflyMX is one of the brands we offer, including ButterflyMX Elevator Control to help unlock your key fobbed elevator from our mobile app.


When a resident grants property access, the smart intercom automatically unlocks the key fobbed elevator for a set period of time. This allows the guest or visitor to walk through your lobby, enter the elevator, and select a floor.

At any time, a resident can use the mobile app to unlock your key fobbed elevator for themselves or a guest/visitor with a single tap. This allows for additional control when key fobs have been left behind.

The smart intercom and mobile app only unlock access to the floor the resident lives on, ensuring access to all other floors in your building remains secure.


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