ButterflyMX Self-guided tour offered by uts group

UTS Group supplies, installs, repairs, and maintains products and services for advanced security and locksmith jobs. ButterflyMX is one of the brands we offer, including ButterflyMX Self-Guided Tour to offer prospective residents the ability to tour your property on their schedule.

Get a notification when your prospects have arrived for their tour. A time and date stamped photo would be taken as well.

Allow your prospects to tour your property at a time that’s convenient for them. Provide them with a virtual key or give them access from wherever you are.

Keep your current qualification tools and access control systems in place; there is no need to purchase anything new. ButterflyMX easily integrates directly.


Swipe to Open
Provide property access to a prospect with just a swipe.

Virtual Key
Send a virtual key in advance to facilitate seamless property access.

Video Calling
See and speak to a prospect before letting them into your property.

Elevator Control
Unlock your fobbed elevator so as the prospect is not stuck in the lobby.

Door Release Logs
Review all entries so you can follow up promptly

Personalized Messages
Create a message for your prospects when they arrive at the property.


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