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ICU Door Installation

The intensive care units (ICUs) in hospitals have patients that require the most efficient and finest care in order to help them recover well. This is why every aspect of their recovery must be advanced, this includes the units themselves. At UTS Group, we will help provide your healthcare facility with the best ICU doors in the market. These automated doors are specifically engineered for cardiac care and intensive care units. Most of these doors feature broad glass panels for getting an unobstructed view even when they are shut. ICU doors usually come in two, three or four-panel configurations so, allow you to choose one according to your requirements. Wider opening is something that hospitals demand because such sort of doors let them move equipment and patient’s beds without any issue.

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The intensive care units are designed to be advanced as the patients that are placed in these units require the utmost attention and care to help them recover. The entrances to these doors need to facilitate quick mobility, closed-door viewing and safe operation.

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The mission of UTS Group is to provide one stop solution for all your advanced security needs. From installation, maintenance and repairs, count on the integrated security service for the best control of commercial or residential access.

different types of icu doors

    li>Intensive/Intermediate/Critical Care Systems
  • Patient Room Systems
  • Negative, Positive and Combination Pressure Room Systems
  • Automatic Entrance Systems – Sliding
  • Automatic Entrance Systems – Swinging and Folding
  • Automatic Entrance Systems – Revolving

Why install ICU doors?

ICU Doors are more than just mere entrances. They are clear automatic doors. The way they are designed helps them provide functionality to the entire unit the patient is placed in. These doors are viable in many ways. They provide many features that are important for an intensive care unit.


Like any other automatic door, these doors also provide ease of access for the patient and the healthcare workers.


The patients in these units are in critical status, it is extremely important to make sure that they are protected from germs, ICU doors help with that.


These doors allow the patients to have their privacy, but at the same time, healthcare workers can keep an eye on the patient to make sure they are being taken care of efficiently.


A very important feature is that these doors allow for a particular required temperature to be maintained in the ICU.

For the safety and healthy recovery of the patients at your healthcare facility, we advise our best ICU Doors. At UTS Group, we supply, install, and maintain products related to ICU Doors for various industries. The quality of our services is unmatched for the past decade in Ontario.

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Why UTS Group?

UTS Group is the leading Canadian provider of advanced intelligent security systems serving Ontario. We have over 15 years of experience specializing in the selling, installing and servicing of Access Control Systems, Locksmith Services, Intercom, Systems Security Cameras and Automatic Door Systems. Not just this, we integrate all our services together in your premise. We offer our  clients an effective solution designed to meet their unique needs and varying needs.  Our emergency services are available 24X7 Your safety and security is our mission.

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