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The bi-folding doors can prove to be a perfect addition to many commercial buildings. In fact, if we see all the aspects, the bi-folds can be regarded as both practical and attractive solution for commercial buildings like retail shops, shopping centers, offices, and plazas.

Being amongst the leaders in providing the automatic door solutions all over Ontario, we always stay in touch with our clients after installing the doors. This allows us to take feedback from our clients and improve in the future. In the recent past, most of our clients owing retail shops, small offices and plazas preferred bi-folding doors over other automatic doors.

The reason for the popularity of the bi-folding doors among our clients is because of the numerous advantages they provide them.


A bi-folding door functions as a sliding door. Its panels, sometimes called leaves, are folded on two sides whenever the door is opened. The folding effect is reminiscent of an accordion. The components of a bi-folding door system are:
  • Operator
  • Header
  • Panels
  • Rail (optional)
  • Pivot
  • Lock
  • Sensor
  • Motor
The panels are usually made with tempered glass. The panel frames, however, come in different materials. The following are most commonly adopted:

Most Common Dimensions of bi-folding doors

The sizes of the panels can vary depending on the door manufactures and on the type of door you choose. The door panels usually have the minimum width of 28 inches for even-number configuration and 16 inches for odd-number. The minimum height would be around 60-70 inches depending on the manufacturer. The maximum width can range from 35 to 50 inches a single door. As the height it can go from 95-98 inches maximum.

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Advantages of Bi-Folding Doors

Proper space utilization

Space is one of the factors which led to the invention of the bi-folding doors. The bi-folding doors enable us to achieve maximum door opening. Small restaurants and cafes that have space issues can use this type of doors to ensure that when the door is open, there is maximum space available for the people to walk through it.

Improves Light

The bi-folding doors allow maximum light to come inside the building. They behave as a transparent wall when closed and maximize the incoming light in the premises. This gives the space a totally stunning look.


Durability is one of the factors that is associated with all our services. But when it comes to the bi-folding doors the durability percentage becomes much higher. As this type of doors remains folded most of the time, they are less affected by the climatic factors like heat and rain. Aluminum bi-folds are also a great option for someone who is looking for durable doors.

Security advantage

The automatic bi-folds usually have a locking system that is spread over multiple points. So, this offers great security in the big commercial buildings where there is a constantly high traffic. The multiple slot locking system provides a great advantage over other types of door systems which usually has only single point locking system. This feature helps in reducing the probability of the accident.

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