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Types of Access Control Systems – Choose The Best one For your Business

Technology has brought many inventions for the security of the business and property. One of them is the access control system. As there are various types of access control systems available in the market. Choosing the best access control system, which provides the complete security solutions, has become a challenge for an individual.

So many types and so many features!! If you are also confused which you should select, we are here to assist you to choose the best-suited option for your business. Before that, we will make you acquainted with the term “Access Control System.”

What is Access Control Systems?

Maybe, the term “access control systems” sounds familiar to you. According to Wikipedia, access control system allows entering the building if the person is authorized. These systems also work to restrict the access of unauthorized visitors.

Indeed, it boggles your mind if you need to select an access control system. You know the names of access control systems, but you don’t know the features they hold. For that, you need to know the types of access control systems.

Don’t worry if you are also heading towards to get an access control system for your commercial premises. We’re here for you to make you acquainted with each of access control systems and make it easy to select the one which meets your standard needs.

Let’s know all the types of access control systems; then you may pick the access control system which suits your business better.

Types of Access Control Systems

As I have said before, the access control system allows or restricts the entry or exit of each individual. Each access control system has some unique features that you should know the types of access control systems before deciding that. Let ’s talk about the types of access control system in detail.

1. Intercom Access Control System:

Let’s learn about the intercom access control system which provides visual or audio security solutions.

Intercom access control systems are mainly used in apartments, office buildings, schools, colleges, and more.

This is very cool to talk to the person directly at the door through audio or video calls. Let’s check the types of intercom access control system.

  • Hardwired intercom System
  • Wireless Intercom System
  • Automatic entry Intercom System
  • IP Video Intercom System
  • Building Intercom System
  • commercial intercom entry systems

All in all, this system enhances the security of your business and provide the convenience to restrict the unwanted visitors.

2. Card Access Control System

Card access control system makes the entrance or exit to a particular building hassle- free.

Card access control system works only by swiping the card through a reader and the reader reads the data and the door opens automatically if the card is authorized. Card access control system is generally used in schools, hospitals, colleges and more.

Let’s check out the types of card access control systems.

  • Barcode card Access Control System
  • Wiegand Card Access Control System
  • Magnetic Strip Card Access Control System
  • Smart Card Access Control System
  • Proximity Card Access Control System
  • Infrared Barcoded Card Access Control System

Let’s move ahead and get to know about other access control systems.

3. Door Entry Access Control System

Door entry systems are mainly used for the front door, parking garage, the record rooms or any sensitive areas within a building.

Door entry system has a variety of features to make your business more secure and convenient for you and your employees.

Let’s discuss the types of door entry access control system.

    • Stand-alone locks
    • Proximity readers
    • Biometric systems
    • Keyswitches
    • Keypads
    • Wireless video door entry systems
    • Door access card reader system
    • Key fob door entry system

You can choose any door entry system for your office such as a card, code, token or digital door entry system. Door entry systems provide the complete security solution for your business.

4. Fob Access Control System

Maybe, you have heard about the key fob access control systems very often because they are generally used everywhere like offices, entrance doors, and security doors.

Key fob systems are very convenient to use. All you have to do is to place the fobs near the reader and the door unlocks automatically if the key fob is authorized to open the door.

Let’s find out the benefits of key fob systems.

  • Convenient entry
  • Keyless processing
  • Monitor your property remotely
  • Keep Records
  • Reduce costs
  • These key fob systems are cost-effective, reliable and efficient security solution for any commercial premises.

5. RFID Access Control System

Do you know that the RFID is a modern auto-identification technology?

An RFID system uses radio waves, that’s why an RFID card doesn’t need any physical contact with the reader. If you want to enter the building and you have an RFID card in your pocket, the reader triggers the system and the door opens automatically.

Let’s check out the components of the RFID system.

  • The RFID Card or tag
  • The RFID Reader
  • Card Access Management Software
  • Access Control Panel
  • Therefore, the RFID access control is very easy to use and provides the hassle-free access into the commercial building.

6. Face Access Control System

The face access control system is a new technology which doesn’t need any key, card, password or code to open the door.

It’s very simple to use face access control system. This system needs to view the face of an individual. Moreover, if anyone attempts to open the door, their images are stored.

For the complete security, face access control system works very well. Moreover, the face access control system is high-speed, effective and trouble free for the users.

So, we can say that the face access control system is the future of the security system.


In nutshell, access control systems provide the better security than old traditional keylock systems. In this guide, we have also discussed the types of access control systems including card access control system, keyfob system, door entry system, the RFID system and face access control system.

Now you know how each system works and what benefits they offer you. You can easily choose the access control system that suits your commercial premises the most.


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