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Convenient Solutions for Hands-Free Door Opening by Key2Access

UTS Group is proud to be Canada’s leading distributor of OpenUp keyless automatic door technology, manufactured by the mobile keyless entry leader Key2Access. OpenUp by Key2Access provides alternatives to door entry, ideal for those with reduced mobility, vision loss, or those who simply want a germ-free and convenient method for automatically opening their doors.


OpenUp by Key2Access allows you to automatically open your door by pressing a simple button on your smartphone – reducing the need to physically touch your door handle, knob, or pushbutton, and making entrance easy, simple, and convenient. With full compatibility with voice control technology, possibilities for multi-platform integration, and high quality design with germ-spread prevention in mind, OpenUp by Key2Access provides a range of convenient benefits for a range of residential and commercial property types.


Prevents the spread of germs from the common surfaces of the door.


Compatible with voice over technology and engineered with accessibility in mind.


Integrated with multiple platforms and includes built-in iBeacon capabilities

Unique Benefits of OpenUp by Key2Access Automatic Door Opener Technology 

With their OpenUp automatic door opening system, Key2Access has married technological progress with a level of practical convenience that can improve and simplify your life. It’s estimated that nearly a quarter of all Canadians are living with a disability of some form; the OpenUp automatic door opening system is designed with sight or mobility impaired Canadians in mind, offering a simple and convenient form of access ideal for both private homes, and larger commercial settings looking for innovative solutions to accessibility and inclusivity.

OpenUp by Key2Access automatic door technology is easily installed; an expert UTS Group technician will simply plug the OpenUp unit to a power operated door, adjust the bluetooth range and integrate the OpenUp software, and – voila! – your door is ready to easily be opened using your smartphone, making accessibility both convenient and germ-free!


OpenUp by Key2Access can be Integrated with a range of accessibility platforms including:


A popular and widely-utilized GPS application designed for easy accessibility for the blind, vision impaired, deafblind, and partially sighted.


This assistive device is designed for people with limited upper-body mobility, making it easier to control smart home, cellular, and personal device technology.


This Canada based indoor positioning company provides a range of solutions for indoor navigation.



Plug the OpenUp unit to any power operated door.


Adjust the bluetooth range and add messaging to improve accessibility.


Use your phone to open the door.

Interested in OpenUp 

If you’re interested in having OpenUp by Key2Access installed at your property, reach out to the accessibility technology experts here at UTS Group to arrange for rapid, convenient, and affordable installation service. Our skilled and knowledgeable access control and entry technology experts will gladly answer any questions you may have, and provide custom-tailored solutions for all of your accessibility needs.

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