IN-Floor Swing Door

UTS Group is a one-stop solution for all your needs of installation and post-installation service of automatic sliding doors. We offer services for installation and maintenance of fully automatic doors in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. Our company provides a comprehensive product line of automatic doors manufactured specially to deliver ultimate performance ensuring low energy consumption. The automatic doors installed by our proficient technical team operate almost un-noticeably. Our inventory includes a comprehensive line of doors ranging from Sliding Doors, Balanced-Sliding Doors, Swing Doors, In-Floor Swing, Revolving Doors, to ICU Doors, Manual Revolving Doors and Folding Doors which are designed to cater to all kind of architectural requirements.

Our team manages the orders very professionally. We believe in delivering the orders in a timely manner. Whether you own a new construction or an old building we will integrate contemporarily styled doors that match your interior perfectly. In-Floor Swing doors are an obvious choice when it comes to installing a swinging automatic entrance.

These doors operate almost un-noticeably and are incorporated with such a mechanism that makes it glide smoothly without making any noise.

Installing automatic doors give an added benefit of safety since they can move back if any item is in their way. Automatic detection of obstacles makes it even more appealing. Detection of an object by the integrated sensors prevents collisions with children and elderly as these doors are designed keeping in mind the safety of everyone.

The aesthetic value is not compromised while designing these doors. The internal complex mechanism is totally hidden from outside. The electro-mechanical operator system is concealed with pleasing detailing, therefore looks elegant as compared to conventional doors. These doors are manufactured in a way that they can endure rigorous conditions. No matter what kind of environment it is, the strong build of these doors can withstand even strong wind storms and will not let even a single speck of dust pass through them.

Our technicians are Certified, Insured & Experienced.  All Automatic doors installed by our experts open and close precisely.  We believe in making our customers happy & we will make the doors customized according to your needs. Our customer support staff is knowledgeable about all kinds of automatic door brands available in Ontario.
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