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Get a Commercial Access Control System installed and integrated to improve your security in your business. We offer what best suits your commercial and multi-residential needs.

What is Access Control Systems?

What happens if an unauthorized access or damage takes place in your commercial premises? I guess this is something very horrible. To keep your assets safe, you should block the access of unwanted people.

Most of the buildings have a trespasser alarm system for security purposes but they only work when someone exits the building. Opting access control system provides security 24 hours a day.

UTS Group in Ontario, Canada delivers the preeminent access control system services for the secure access to a building.

Access control system is one of the best solutions to prevent unauthorized visitors.

In addition to this, you can restrict some employees to enter the sensitive areas. With an access control system, you can easily keep a record who entered the premises at the particular time.

Instead of providing the keys for each of the employees, you can choose an access control system. The bonus point is that you don’t need to find the keys for accessing the building.

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Types of Access Control Systems

  • Keypad Lock
  • Control Locks
  • Card Access
  • Key Fob

Which Access control system will Be Required for your Entryway?


Intercom Access Control System

Intercom access control system provides the highest level of security for a commercial building or a house. Pressing one button allows the visitor to communicate with the person through audio or visual calls who is inside. Using this system, you can talk to the visitors from any place of your home or building.

Door System

If you want to see who is at your door, and then you decide to open the door. Door access control systems are what UTS Group has designed for you. Door access control system includes audio or visual calls, code, card or token or digital door entry systems. It also adds biometric, wired and wireless access system.

rfid card access control system

Card Access Control system

Card access control system is an unbeatable system as it allows you to manage and restrict the entry. For the regular access of any person in the building or home, a card is issued. This is very convenient to use and an unmatched security system.

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Fob System​

Fob access control system is highly required in the certain rooms such as lobby, fitness room etc. They can easily be fit in a keychain. In Ontario, most of the people use the fob system.

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Badge management

Badge management includes the creation of card layout, programming and printing. Now it’s time to take a decision. The decision is purely yours. Find out which access control system will suit you more. Make a smart choice and keep the entrance secure.

What benefits Access control system holds for your doors?

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Installing building control systems can assure you that only the authorized person gets in. Moreover Building access control system serves many other purposes. Let’s find them out:

Our Specialties - Install and Supply Across canada

Security systems for all industries acts as an asset across Canada. We specialize in major security system solutions with advanced technology across Ontario.

Access Control System

Integrate and Control who gets access to the restricted areas with our advanced access control options

Universal Washroom

A universal washroom is an enclosed space with a barrier free toilet and sink.


We provide all the necessary resources for the best locksmith services for your business or residential buildings. 

Automatic Doors

We supply and install AODA compliant automatic doors with many options to choose from, including touchless solutions for high traffic areas.

Surveillance System

Surveillance Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property when you are not around. Whether it be commercial, industrial, or private property.

Safes and Vaults

Get your cash and valuables secured automatically from one of the best fireproof safe and vaults installers and suppliers in Ontario, UTS Group.


Intercom systems help in transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions to help you know better, who you’re granting access to into your property.

Security Films

We install a variety of adhesive security window films like frosted window film, opaque window film, privacy window film, and many more.

Turnstiles Gates

Install Barrier gates that offers touchless entry and exit, specifically for human traffic

Areas we cover

Commercial and government property can have highly advanced security systems, access control systems, automatic doors, key fobs, intercoms, surveillance cameras, and much more to keep their properties safe and secure.  We serve across Ontario, Montreal, Vancouver. We are widely known for our range of products, services that we provide with extreme client satisfaction.

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Best Security Solutions Across Canada

UTS Group is unique for its security consultation, installations and designing services in different locations. We are one of the leading all inclusive security services company in Canada. We take pride in being available with our services in provinces like Ontario, British Columbia & Montreal .

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Settle For Nothing But The Best Security Installation Company for Military & Police Base

Why uTS?

Being a security service provider with more than 1000 five-star reviews, we strive to be the best advance and integrated security system installation company in Canada

Certified Professional Technicians

Receive the best installation only professional technicians who are authorized and certified to use the correct method of installation.

Service Across Canada

Get the security systems installed at your location, as we provide services across Canada. Avail services not only in Ontario, British Columbia, Montreal but also in other parts of Canada. 

All Inclusive Quotation

We strive for excellence when providing solutions to our clients’. Hence, we strongly adheres to all inclusive quotes to give clarity to the client at first go.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every client is valuable. We ensure easiest and hassle feel procedure for all our clients and customers. Hence we are ranked #1 in Customer satisfaction as per google reviews.

Brands We Offer

UTS Group is proudly associated with the world-renowned brands

Our customizable and unique solution for supplying, maintenance, installation, repair, consultation has only gone beyond perfection.

Our Services

We have a group of highly skilled security experts who specialize in the installation and maintenance the security systems in any industry across Canada. We take pride in giving consultation by understanding company needs and offering a personalised security solution created for your unique requirements and budget. Our services include installing, supplying, warranties, consultations, maintenance, tech support and many more. Let us know your need and we shall ensure the best security systems for you!

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Our professional and expert technicians ensure the process of installation of security systems is simple and secure.

Install and Build

Design & Build

Customize security systems solutions based on the architectural layout of a project.  

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We take pride in supplying our products across Canada. No matter which location in Canada you reside, we can supply the best security systems



To understand how would one make a specific industry more secure, we provide consultations in security solutions. 

Our Clients

In our decade of experience, we have been associated with more than 1000s of valuable customers. The love and respect that we have received in these years have made us the top 5 security providers in Ontario. Thus, ensuring the superior secured environment for every commercial, warehouses, construction sites, multi residential, office and many other industry.

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