Burlington Community Foundation

Burlington Community Foundation are experts in helping people give brilliantly, passionately committed to improving our city’s vitality as well as the lives of the people who live here. 

Since 1999 they have granted over $6.4 million to address pressing needs in our community as well as the passions of our donors and fundholders. Grants are made through our Burlington Community Fund Granting Program which holds an annual call for grants, or through the wishes of our donors and fundholders.

Objectives of Burlington foundation

There are many foundations that are allowed by the government of Canada to provide grants. One of them is Burlington Foundation.  With their deep understanding of broader community, this Foundation links donors and charitable needs in the community. 

It help donors respond to the vast range of needs while supporting their objectives for giving. Through the generosity of the giving community, they adjudicate and award vital grants to charitable initiatives doing important work across health and social services, arts and culture, education, recreation and the environment. 

Each grant truly makes a difference to our neighbors, friends, colleagues and their families, as together, Burlington Foundation and their donors continue to strengthen Ontario through impactful, sustainable giving.


Communities throughout North America see us as the best way to make change happen.


Burlington Foundation understand the difference we can make is greater when people work together. Our role is to make that happen.

  • Passionate for making a difference
  • Leadership is collective decision making
  • Open and honest about what we will do and what we won’t do
  • Change that matters comes from working together
  • Measurable results for the short and long term
  • Innovative and flexible in everything we do
burlington community foundation

Grants Available with Burlington Foundation

Burlington Foundation works together with generous individuals, charitable agencies and corporations to make the biggest difference we can. Here are the list of all the grants available by them.

Please note that UTS Group does not provide any grants and will not be held responsible for providing any grants.

Please click here for more info.

Check out UTS Group Blog post to explore the list of Grants available in Canada

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