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Resilient Communities Fund

Get Up to $100,000 from Ontario Trillium Foundation for your Non-Profit Organization to Support Rehabilitation and Develop Capacity.

Resilient Communities Fund (RCF) helps Ontario’s non-profit organizations like houses of worship to recover and develop capacity, resilience, and sustainability. UTS Group not only safeguards your security but also supports social inclusion. Thus, we would like to share useful information to support your NGO.

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2023The grant application is available currently through Ontario Trillium Foundation’s granting portal.


An applicant for an OTF grant must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a presence, purpose, and reputation in Ontario for providing activities with direct community benefit
  • Demonstrate financial capacity to manage OTF funds, deliver and complete the proposed project in accordance with the OTF’s Financial Health and Need policy
  • Provide services in Ontario
  • Demonstrate their ability to generate additional resources from the community and other sources
  • Demonstrate that the organization is qualified to carry out the proposed project.
non profit organization grants by ontario trillium fund

Basic Info Of Resilient Communities Fund

Term length: 6 – 24 months

Grants from $10,000 – $100,000

Grants support organizations if you:

  • Create new revenue-generating strategies
  • Launch new initiatives to address community needs
  • Plan and adjust strategies
  • Plan for upcoming challenges
  • Applicants must choose up to three project outcomes they want to achieve with their grant and can apply for funding to cover eligible project costs.
  • Organizations that are approved for a Resilient Communities Fund grant from the December 7, 2022, deadline will not be eligible to receive a grant for the February 1, 2023, deadline.

Specific Requirements

  • Criteria 1

    Current organizational challenges The organization has clearly articulated the challenges they face to build resilience.

  • Criteria 2

    The organization has clearly demonstrated that its mission and/or programming positively influence populations who face socio-economic, geographic, cultural, gender, abilities, and/or racial barriers.

  • Criteria 3

    The strategy is well thought out and explains how the organization intends to recover and build resilience in response to the chosen challenges and outcomes.

  • Criteria 4

    The procedure is well-planned and identifies the steps required for recovery.

Where to apply

The application has to be filled & submitted online on their grant application page.

Head Office

Ontario Trillium Foundation
(c/o Workhaus)
30 Wellington St. West
5th Floor
Toronto ON
M5L 1E2

Please note that UTS Group does not provide any grants and will not be held responsible for providing any grants. This blog post was created exclusively to provide details on the grants offered by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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