Bluetooth Vs. Wi-fi Smart Locks

There’s no substitution for a well-made deadbolt lock – as they always do an amazing job keeping your home and business safe and secure. However, upgrading a basic deadbolt lock to a smart lock option can offer home or business owners a higher level of convenience and control over the security of their property. If you’re considering upgrading your locks to smart locks, contact a licensed lock technician like the ones working at UTS Group. We want to provide our customers with some details on the different types of Bluetooth or Wi-fi based smart locks in the market so that they can be better informed. Here are some things to understand about smart locks.

Benefits of Smart Locks

  • Keyless Entry: This is an amazing option for those who want to easily enter their home or business with their hands full either with a package or bags of groceries. This smart lock feature allows your door to automatically unlock with a single tap of a key token, or wirelessly as you approach the door and the smart lock detects your presence!
  • Remote Entry: This fantastic option allows you to lock and unlock your home or business remotely, no matter the distance. It can come in handy if someone forgets their keys and there is a scheduled delivery when you are not at home, or if you are occupied, or to allow employees, babysitters, or other workers to enter your home. Remote entry options allow you to easily unlock your door with the freedom to do it from a long distance.

Bluetooth Smart Locks VS. Wi-fi Smart Locks

Bluetooth Smart Lock Pros

  • Hands-Free Option – Bluetooth smart locks can recognize your presence as you approach the sensor and automatically unlock the door from a certain distance, without the need to frantically search for your keys.
  • Battery Powered Option – Your lock will still operate if there is a power outage, as many Bluetooth smart locks are available in battery-powered models.
  • Additional Security – Bluetooth smart locks can only be opened if your security token is nearby, giving you the peace of mind knowing that only authorized people can unlock your door. It also gives you remote access, either through long-distance unlocking, or giving special keys that can be programmed to unlock only at certain times.

Bluetooth Smart Lock Cons

  • Battery draining – If you run Bluetooth on a constantly on your smartphone, it will drain your battery fast. This runs the potential risk of getting you locked outside of your house if your phone runs out of battery.

Wi-fi Smart Locks Pros

  • Remote Control – You can lock or unlock your front door lock no matter where you are, as long as you have a Wi-fi connection.
  • Remote Alerts – Your Wi-fi-enabled smart lock can alert you in real-time exactly when your door locks or unlocks. This is fantastic for those who want to monitor visitors or their children.
  • Customizable Key Codes – You can provide someone with a unique digital key that can expire after a certain amount of time or only regular work during certain times.

Wi-fi Smart Lock Cons

  • Potential Power Outages – Unless your Wi-fi-enabled smart lock has battery connections or an actual physical key, it is possible that you can get locked out or the door may remain unlocked if your Wi-fi has a disconnection.
  • Phone Loss Security Risk – If you lose your phone, there is a chance that the person who finds your phone may be able to enter your home or business. Password protecting your phone can make it difficult for someone to misuse your device and is a good idea to make it a regular habit.


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