What are the Different types of Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

UTS Group specializes in providing Commercial, Government & Residential Properties the highest quality, full-spectrum access control, intercom, and security services available anywhere in the region. Access control involves a broad range of services, and can be broken down into categories including interior access control and exterior access control. From badge management and video and audio intercoms, to card, token, and even biometric based access control, UTS Group’s skilled access control installation technicians have what it takes to help outfit your Toronto business or property with the highest technological level of access control available on the market today. We provide full access control installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout Ontario in order to prevent unauthorized access, and the potentially associated damages to assets, from taking place in your commercial premises. By installing a quality access control system at your property, you will be ensuring 24/7 security that works nonstop to protect your business.

Types of Access Control Solutions

Intercom Access Control Systems

This high security solution for commercial and residential locations allow visitors to communicate with tenants with the simple press of a button, with either audio, or video/audio combined. This system allows tenants to communicate with visitors from any point of their property.

Door Access Control Systems

If you want to see who’s at your door and allow them in from a distance, door access control systems (including audio/visual calling, codes, cards, token, or digital door entry,) provide convenience and security. These access control systems are available in biometric, wired, and wireless versions.

Card Access Control Systems

These systems allow for the management of property security with strictly restricted entry. Tenants who need to regularly access the property will be issued a uniquely programmed card that lets them enter at an instant – providing a high level of both convenience and security.

Fob Access Control Systems

This access control system is typically utilized in particular settings including building lobbies, gyms, and lounges. The key fob token fits easily inside a keychain, for maximum ease of use.

Badge Management

This system involves creating, programming, and printing of unique security badges – especially within the framework of an umbrella software that allows property managers to review, control, and monitor the use of all security badges for the property.

Our Access Control Systems provide your Ontario property the following benefits:

  • A safe environment for your employees, visitors, and clients.
  • Managed record of when users enter and exit your property.
  • Maintained control of access to sensitive areas of your property.
  • If you lose the card, fob, or code, you can easily delete the lost code, restricting entry with it, while issuing a new, secure version.
  • Provides users with maximum convenience.
  • Monitored access control from a central location.

UTS Group’s Ontario Access Control and Security Services include:

  • Intercom Systems
  • Door Entry
  • Card Access Control
  • Fob Systems
  • Integrated Security
  • Security Turnstiles
  • Security Solutions
  • Tenant Management
  • Badge Management
  • Low Buzzer Systems
  • Security Portals
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Custom Access Control Solutions for your Property
  • And much more!


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