Benefits of Commercial Access Control

Access control systems have become commonplace and can be found in all kinds of commercial and institutional locations including theatres, office buildings, hospitals and government buildings. The installation of access control systems is primarily out of a safety and security concern. However, they also serve to control the capacity of buildings, enhancing entry convenience, and increasing the security level of the entire building. Here is a guide to some of the most important benefits of commercial access control systems, as prepared by the access control system installation experts here at UTS Group.

Major Benefits of Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial access control systems provide fantastic benefits:

  • Access control systems become part of an integrated anti-intrusion security system that prevents strangers or unauthorized personnel to access sensitive areas of your business. They can additionally serve to audit and monitor the actions and movement of employees. Access control systems that utilize fingerprint scanners or card readers can make sure that only authorized employees can enter high-security areas at specific times and also record entrance and exit times.
  • They keep track of the building’s capacity, through entrance and exit monitoring. Security can ensure that the building doesn’t get overcrowded. This may lead to distractions and result in potential burglaries, robberies, or security issues. Count systems can be installed with access control systems, providing companies with an exact calculation of the general volume flow of employees and visitors.
  • Access control systems provide safety in emergencies by giving you the exact real-time information about how many people are inside the facility during an emergency, which can be extremely useful in emergencies that require evacuation.
  • By tracking your employees and monitoring when they enter and exit, take breaks or how much time they spend in the warehouse, management can boost productivity.
  • Access control systems reduce time spent on capacity and security management, allowing for improved productivity. Additionally, your business can showcase its commitment to control, safety and technological advancement.

Access Control Models:

There is a wide variety of access control models including:

Concealed Panel (Express Gate) Access Control Corridors

Disguised as furniture, this access control model acts like brackets for sliding glass panels activated through photoelectric reader cells.

Swing Gate Access Control

These access control models save space through a swinging gate. It saves space, providing a comfortable and practical way to grant entry to individuals through similar photoelectric reader cells.


This classic form of access control consists of a series of rotating barriers/blades that are set in place within a fixed piece of furniture.

All of these access control systems can be equipped with card readers, fingerprint readers, fob detectors, and a myriad of other forms of access control tokens.


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