Handicap Residential Doors

Being handicapped does not mean that you cannot be independent. You can now enjoy free movement on your own to your place of work our leisure without assistance! Our team provides the perfect installation of handicap residential doors so that you can move ahead in your life.

It has been made mandatory for commercial enterprises to make their premises easily accessible for handicaps in Canada. Most commercial buildings such as banks, malls, etc. have ramps for easy movement of wheelchairs. In addition, there are switches by which the entrances can be easily opened and closed by the individual using the wheelchair.

In addition to commercial enterprises, even residential apartments and houses need to provide entryways that can be conveniently used by handicaps.

The benefits of hiring our team are:

  • Our technicians are well- experienced.
    We have a professional approach.
    We offer comprehensive support services after installation.
    We use high-quality, genuine parts for installing the doors.
    We install the doors for you so that they will work hassle-free for you!
Apartment Handicap doors


Power Doors

Power door operators are mandatory for entrance doors and entry vestibules for residential buildings. Multi-unit residential complexes are required to include power door operators in amenity rooms as well.

Tactile indicators

Tactile walking surface indicators for individuals with vision disability at places of potential danger such top of stairs, platform edges, etc.

Size of the doors

The door should be at least 32” wide (the width between the door’s face and opposite doorstop when it is 90 degrees open). This width enables smooth movement of the wheelchair through the door.
For double doors, the minimum width required is 48”. Both the doors must swing in the same direction.


For streamlined movement of the wheelchair, there should be no obstruction on the floor around the door. The ground should be clear. For external sliding doors, the threshold at the doorway should be less than ¾”. In case of any other type of door the threshold should be below ½”.

Handles and Closers

For doors that are designed for easy use by handicaps, there are certain specifications to be met:

  • They should be easy to grasp.
  • Operation of the handle should be simple.
  • Hardware for the opening should be mounted at a height of maximum 48” from the floor.
  • Doors with closers should take a minimum of 3 seconds to close.
  • The maximum force needed for opening the door should be 5 pounds.
  • However, the force for opening the fire door is below 5 pounds.
  • As far as automatic doors are concerned, they should be low energy models requiring at least 3 seconds for the opening.


Residential buildings should include ramps for providing an easy access to wheelchairs. All exterior entryways need to connect to wheelchair accessible areas within the building. They should also be linked to public transportation stops, sidewalks, and many more.

Door Opener

The door opener is an important part of a handicap operated doors. Ideally, a swing door opener is used. Automatic door openers open and close door as the arm is permanently attached.
In Greater Toronto Area (GTA) we are the leaders in installation and maintenance of handicap residential doors.
When you hire us, our professional team will be at your premises at the allocated time and complete the installation in quick time.

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