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Do you have questions understanding Turnstiles or Barrier Gates. Read our Guide to Get Turnstile that can help you buy the correct Turnstile.

Turnstiles and Different industry

How do I decide which turnstile product to buy in canada?

When we buy turnstiles security gate, we must hope to play its role and give its value. If we want it to give full play to its own role, we must make a reasonable choice, if we want to choose a suitable turnstile access control gate, we need to know some common sense, mainly from five aspects as follow:
The Facility – Where it should be employed.
The Internal and External factors of that area.
The Demographic – What are the probable geographical condition that are involved
The Solutions – The solution it may serve to you and your industry.

What is the process to get the turnstiles installed?

Once you have got the correct turnstile, it becomes important to install it correctly. The process to install turnstile in a specific industry is to be ready with the hardware, software and cabling. UTS Group uniquely develops the correct turnstile solution and  sets up such that it defines the surface, concrete flooring, power security, piping and installing. 

As Unique Technology Solution we cater to all the supplying, installation and maintenance and can provide with specific service needed as per required.

What is the process to customize turnstiles to match our space/design?

Every turnstile can be customized. UTS Group may offer suitable turnstile gates for you based on your general needs and can modify turnstile gates to fit your needs based on your requirements. One must know what function the turnstile gate is going to fulfil, where it is utilised, and how wide the channel is. Turnstile customization is possible from the following angles: Customization of different appearances, customization of different functions, customization of different occasions, and customization of different identification.  

Can I have put a logo on the glass barrier?

Yes, Customization of every turnstile is possible. Of course, you can also use special personalized customization.

Which models can accommodate 39” or wider ADA lanes?

Turnstiles that provide accessibility can accommodate wider ADA lanes. Precisely the optical types of turnstiles work on wider ADA lanes.

Are your power supplies shipped with the product or do we have to order our own?

Supply / Design / Install

Technical Turnstile Questions

Where do you recommend housing the PSU?

PSU or the power supply unit needs to be concealed in a weather that is water and heat resistant. It should be near to the access control system.

How far can we have the power supplies from the turnstiles and/or gates?

The power supply from the turnstile can depend on the application and which type of turnstile.  It should be at the distance of 200 inches if its a 14 AWG wire

Are Fastlane turnstiles and gates low voltage units?

No. All turnstiles are low voltage units. The voltage of the turnstile can be customized as per the need and requirement. Fastlane turnstile is a type of turnstile.

Are your power supplies shipped with the product or do we have to order our own?

UTS Group provides supply, designing, installation and integrating all at once. For all the types of turnstiles power supplies are shipped along with the product.

What is the input and output requirement?

Every type of turnstile have a separate input and output requirement. It totally depends on the brand of the turnstile and the type turnstile. It heavily depends on the need of the client as well.

What size wire gauge (AWG) is required?

Different wire gauge are used in different turnstile gates. The wire gauge can vary as per the specification determined whether it is indoor, outdoor or is applicable for data cable and other security systems.

Do I need to have my team on site for installation?

We at UTS Group are unique in providing our solutions. We manage to get the supply, installation and integration done by us all together. Incase of the crew on the site it totally depends on  company policy and the scale of the job.

Turnstiles Accessories

Do you have turnstile and gate footprint templates available and how soon can I get them?

We at UTS Group provide the specification and templates when asked for, usually after the installation. 

Do you have a list of preventive maintenance steps?

The preventive measures step are provided to every client. Usually after the installation completion by UTS Group.

How much time is required for scheduling a visit from a technical support team member?

UTS Group is known for the the after sale service and quick response to all clients. The technical support provided by us is on the same day when the team receives a call.

How do I order spares, and are they covered under warranty? What if I need a Return Materials Authorization (RMA)?

The best way is to get in touch with our sales team at + 1888-205-4036. The warranty of any product highly depends on the brand manufacturing specifications. An RMA is subject to company policy and reason of return.

What accessories are involved in turnstiles

accessory – list to be made

What are the specific glass properties as they apply to safety and non-shattering of the glass in a glass turnstiles?

application and types of facility

Turnstile - Supply in other

What is the mean time between failure (MTBF) for your turnstiles?

The mean time failure can vary from one turnstile to another. UTS give a wide range of turnstile to select from one industry to another. The MTF depends on programming of application.

What will happen to the turnstiles/gates if the building loses power?

The programming of the turnstile can decide what happens when it looses power supply. There are two options per say – 1 programming the turnstile to safe secure. This settings locks the turnstile incase of power outrage. The other setting is safe open – that makes the turnstile locked if it looses the power supply.

Can a battery be installed inside turnstile in case of power loss?

There is always an option to have a battery back up in every turnstile. The integration by UTS Group can set up a battery back up in the system if needed.

What is the force of entry for glass barrier models?

The force of entry can vary as per the integration and module of that particular turnstile. For better guidance of the same you can contact UTS Group technical team at + 1 888-205-4036.

What are the options for integrating Elevator Dispatch?

UTS Group provides integrating of the elevator dispatch. But it highly depends on the application while integration.

Do you ship to other cities?

UTS Group provides services like installing, supplying, integration, consultation in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario. However, we supply our products across North America.

What if I need installation in separate city?

We at UTS Group install, supply, maintain and integrate in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario. We supply our products all over North America.

What should I go for in my industry - access control systems or turnstiles?

There are specific purposes for both access control system and turnstile. It depends on the need of the industry. If the need to create security by accepting access or not, however Turnstiles decides physical access for crowd controlling.

Does a turnstile need a card reader?Does a turnstile need a card reader?

Turnstile comes with or without card reader. One can determine if they wish to have the card reader or not.

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