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Enabling multiple tenants in malls, office parks and large enterprises to manage their own security can take up time and resources. How do you make it possible for them to manage shared space together and autonomously, such as the reception lobby and the canteen?

Your multi-tenant office or residential building is always susceptible to danger, even during peak-hours. Owners or property managers face a tedious challenge to provide security across all channels or areas in the building. Some commercial areas like shopping centers, warehouse or office building need 24/7 security. Even some areas in the residential properties, like apartment buildings, dormitories and entrance areas need a strict supervision too.

So, how do you enable multiple tenants in office, residential or large enterprises to manage their security individually without taking up space and resources? UTS Group offers complete data independence to our clients, focusing on one centralized system. Your tenants can now maintain their own access rights without interference but with complete security provisions.


Intercom System: We provide a huge selection of intercom systems in Toronto. Intercom Systems not only assist in access control but also keep the unwanted or suspicious guest out of the door. Depending on your need, you can choose from our huge inventory of intercom systems. Our selection includes single-station systems to large-scale electronic touch-screen directories.

Door Entry: Most of the tenant access management clients need more than just basic access control systems. Our Door Entry security systems focus on two categories, i.e., Audio Door Entry System & Video Door Entry System. Contact UTS Group to learn which system suit your need the most!

Card Access Control: We carry a huge selection of different card access control systems to allow employees or vendors to enter your property at the time you desire. Your tenants can also observe the time and attandence of their employees/workers. Choose from our huge inventory. Our card access control systems are tailored specifically to meet our Toronto Tenant Access Management System clients’ needs.

Fob System: Our Fob system will not only provide an absolute security solution but will also decrease the requirement of the door keys to get an access to your building. Not only this, fob system also helps to regulate the entrance of unknown to your building or space. Want to learn more? Contact us now!

Security Cameras: We offer advanced and extensive units of security cameras for you to choose from! Our security cameras system include DVR Security System, Wireless Cameras, Analog Cameras, Security Recorders, POE Camera & so on. Trust our simple, reliable and effective surveillance.

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