UTS Group supplies, installs, repairs, and maintains products and services for advanced security and access control. RBH Access Technologies is one of the brands that we offer, including Axiom Guard Intelligent Optical Turnstiles by RBH. AXT-SW RBH Intelligent Optical turnstiles use multiple layers of optical beam curtain detection sensors to recognize patterns of humans and objects that pass through the lane. This means the system can catch a 1/2” inch of unauthorized tailgating yet virtually never cause a false alarm. RBH turnstiles bring high security for the lobby that is safe to use and cost-effective.


1. 1/2” tailgate detection to deter tailgaters.
2. Unauthorized opposite direction entry detection.
3. Crawling or jumping-over detection.
4. Passage detection even if beams are partially blocked.
5. Virtually never causes false alarms on swinging arms, pushing a stroller, pulling or carrying a luggage or briefcase.
6. Allows entry to the detection area before card presented.
7. Just walk into the lane to open the barrier for one direction access while keeping the other direction armed.


1. The Barrier is quickly stopped when any beams are blocked in the moving path, or people are moving against the barrier’s direction.
2. Barrier releases or retracts when more resistance than necessary for normal operation is applied.
3. In case of fire or emergency, one alarm input can trigger all turnstiles lanes to open.


1. Allows entering the lane before presenting the card. No need to stop and wait door open.
2. When a person just passes the middle of the turnstile, the card reader is ready for the next person. No need to wait for the gate to close.
3. Scheduled or manually control for free entry or exit at rush hour.


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