Yale® KeyMark®

Yale® KeyMark® protected keyway line of cylinders feature an angled keyway designed to accept any keyblank constructed with the same angle, allowing all key formats to be tied to the same master key system. Cylinders include mortise, rim, key-in-lever, key-in-knob, auxiliary, and interchangeable core. Interchangeable core is available in both large and small format.

  • Unique Yale KeyMark Security Leg® keyway angle
  • Protected key control through the Security Leg keyway
  • Convenient and simple to service
  • Available in 6- and 7-pin cylinders
  • Able to masterkey SFIC, LFIC and fixed core cylinders to the same keying system
  • Uses common style pins
  • Different keying specifications from conventional Yale systems
  • Will not interchange with KeyMark by Medeco
  • Provides increased resistance against picking and impressioning
  • No extra internal moving parts such as side bars
  • Can easily retrofit into existing systems
  • One key can operate SFIC, LFIC and fixed core
  • No angle tip or interlocking pins which result in loss of keying capacity
  • Increased masterkeying capacity over conventional Yale keying systems

Yale® KeyMark®

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