Windstorm Solutions

These solutions are designed to withstand severe weather associated with tornadoes and hurricanes.

Windstorm solutions meet the most demanding needs for tornado or hurricane applications. Von Duprin offers multiple products intended to meet the unique building code and testing requirements for both applications while continuing to provide the exceptional performance expected by our customer. Von Duprin windstorm specific hardware helps to secure the building and protect its occupants from wind and projectile debris.

Tornado-resistant openings are designed to protect occupants during short periods of high-velocity winds up to 250 mph with dangerous projectile debris. To receive this rating, devices need to meet FEMA 320/361 guidelines. FEMA guidelines require testing intended to simulate conditions present during EF5 tornadoes including high pressure loads and dangerous wind born debris. The WS 9827/9927 and WS 9857/9957 two- and three-point exit devices incorporate reinforced components to help meet these extreme conditions.

Hurricane-resistant openings are designed to withstand storm conditions for longer periods of time while maintaining structural and functional integrity. Primary functions of a hurricane-resistant opening are to prevent debris and wind from penetrating the assembly and to continue functioning after the storm. Most Von Duprin exit devices, when paired with the appropriate Steelcraft doors, are approved for hurricane applications. Hurricane devices can be categorized as approved for “Wind Only” or “Wind and Impact”. Both types of approval require static pressure testing while “Wind and Impact” add cyclical pressure tests and debris impacts.

Windstorm Solutions

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